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Upcoming game Animal Crossing New Horizons 2020



Upcoming game Animal Crossing New Horizons 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an upcoming life simulation game developed by Nintendo. It is a part of the Animal Crossing series, ready to release worldwide for the Nintendo switch on March 20, 2020. Initially, the game was to release in 2019, but due to specific reasons, it got delayed until 2020.

The fans were getting desperate after waiting for years, but the wait is almost over now. Let us get into what the game has to offer.

Fascinating Gameplay of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may not have released as of yet, but the trailers have managed to give us a sneak peek into the game. The gameplay kicks off with the player residing on an uninhabited island where they can gather items and supplies, which will be useful to craft furniture and gradually redesign the island into a beautiful paradise.

Players can also complete the specific tasks around the town and earn Nook Miles. It is a type of currency in-game which allows purchasing items like uniforms, DIY recipes, and other services and accessories.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons now come with multiplayer features with up to 7 other online or local players. Local co-op is also possible where three other islanders can join the game using the Call Islanders option from the NookPhone.

Crafting is limitless in Animal Crossing

The crafting system, known as DIY recipes, now has a wide range of tweakable options. It allows the players to use a variety of materials such as stones, clay, hardwood, and tree branches to craft new goodies. Tom Nook’s workbench can help manufacture new tools for free. The furniture can be customized as well, like changing the color and designs.

Players can use the Tom Nook’s crafting bench or come up with their original DIY recipes. Some animals give them for free, but some islanders are able to teach new DIY recipes.

Four Seasons of Animal Crossing

The clock in the game will be similar to the clock in the real world. The season will now change throughout the year with your time settings. There will be sunny days and snowy evenings, and also winds which will move the leaves on the trees.

There will be more bugs in the summer, but fishing will be more exciting in the winter. Players might be able to catch a variety of new fishes.

Now we have an Airport

There will be an airport now on the south coast of the island, which is owned by Dodo Airlines. Like the train station, it will serve as an entry point to the village. Not only importing and deporting, but It will also act as a post office.

Video and Texting

With the new update coming after the New Horizons, a separate app will support the video chatting and texting. The app will also have a QR code scanner to import pattern designs from past Animal Crossing games.

Reshape the Island

Players can not only cut trees but also destroy the cliffs and mountains. Building stairs and bridges over the rivers are now possible as well. It will give players a lot of freedom to customize their islands.

There will be plenty more DLC stuff and events like Christmas and Halloween coming in the future. Players should be looking out for new features.

What feature would you like to see in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Please let us know.

Photo Credit: Nintendo.

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