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Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 2 Battle Pass Update



Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2 Battle Pass Update

After waiting for so long, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass update is here. Now it goes by a proper name Top Secret. The first season of Chapter 2 changed the game completely. It included a new map, new items, and a Ballet vehicle, and much more. It was the most extended season in the history of the game, and players were getting desperate for a new update.

Price of Battle Pass

Just like previous Pass, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass can be purchased with only 950 V-Bucks, equivalent to around $10. Players can also use the leftover V-bucks to buy a level skip, costing 150 V-Bucks each.

Players also have the opportunity to unlock the future Battle Passes by earning 1,500 V-Bucks from the Chapter 2 Season 2 Pass.

Major Updates and Rewards

There may not be as many changes as season 1 this time around. Regardless, there are a whole bunch of things that can pique the interest of players.

For starters, let us explore what Fortnite Update has to offer us.

Shadow Fictions and Fortnite Ghosts

The entire island is full of secret locations, NPC bosses and Henchmen, capable of killing like any other player. Many rewards and items can be unlocked by taking down the operatives on their bases. They may include elements that can open the unique vaults for high tier accessories.

Special weapons obtained after defeating the Henchmen include:

  • Minigun
  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle
  • Suppressed Machine Gun
  • Suppressed Pistol
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle

New Map Locations

Every season comes with map changes, and Season 2 of Chapter 2 is no different. On the Fortnite map, there are five new locations specific to the Ghost and Shadow factions. Furthermore, all these locations come with Henchmen, NPC bosses, Fortnite Vaults, ID doors, and security cameras that detect the players.

  • The Agency

The Agency in the middle of the island at E4, and property of Agent Midas, which drops a Drum Gun upon death. It is a massive base with air vents to explore around.

  • The Yacht

It is a large ship, located in the top right of the map in grid H1, and Agent Meowscles wrote all over it. It is watched over by a security camera and includes a cat-themed gym. It is a hard location to get too, but defeating the Meowscles will give you Peow Peow rifle, a gold AK variant.

  • The Shark

It is the base of Agent Skye, in the top left of the map at B1. It is a massive cave with the shape of a shark, filled with loot, Henchmen, and security cameras. Defeating Agent Skye will drop an Assault rifle.

  • The Grotto

It is an underground base located at H5. It can be accessed either by dropping in the hole on the eastern side of the mountain or by a small cave to the southwest of Dirty Docks. Here the players will find Agent Brutus, which drops his Minigun upon death.

  • The Rig

The Rig is a risky and exciting location, owned by the Agent TnTina, and located near the Slurp Swamp in grid B7. It is an excellent area to visit to claim her Ka-Boo Bow.

Fortnite items and weapon

The Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 has revealed a wide range of new weapons, as well as removing a few as well. The Damage Trap, SMG, some rarities of the Rocket launcher, and the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle are no longer available. The new additions include:

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Grappler
  • Remote Explosives
  • Drum Gun
  • Sword
  • Boom Bow

Other additions include throwable Smoke Grenade and Decoys, which creates an illusion of the character to confuse the enemies. The players can also disguise themselves in the Phone Booths.

Additional Lobby options

New Fortnite season mostly comes with a background change, but it is different this time around. From left to right, there is a full base, full of Agents, and numerous options access.

  • Agents

The first menu gives access to the five Agents, introduced in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2. These Agents unlock at 14 days interval. Each Agent includes missions to complete to access their Ghost or Shadow faction mission.

  • Daily Assignment

Not much has changed here as it still includes chest searching and elimination.

  • Challenge Table

The main challenges display on the map in the middle of the screen. It can be filtered between Agent and Maya challenges and also checking through the progress.

  • Deadpool Challenges

There is an air vent to the right, in the middle, connected to the Deadpool’s lair. Furthermore, there is a letter about the Deadpool themed Battle Bus, and a computer to track the Fortnite Deadpool Challenges.

  • Upgrade Vault

The upgrade Vault option includes challenges and upgrades for customizable character Maya (see below).

  • Coming Soon’ (Limited time operations)

It is unconfirmed yet how the Ghost and Shadow faceoff will close off over Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. The Battle Pass trailer mentioned about limited-time operations that will change the island forever. It is still unpredictable, but it might take the form of a more significant in-game event.

Customizable Character Maya

Maya is a massively customizable character. It includes more than just customizable skins in terms of unlocking levels and colors. Ten different elements of Maya are now upgradeable. The options include her sleeves, hair, tattoos, collars, vest, boots, helmet, face painting, scarf, and pants.

Battle Pass skins

All the new Battle Pass skins are customizable by climbing the way through all 100 tiers. Few of the base skins listed below can be earned in the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass.

Agent Peely1N/A
Brutus20Back Flair
TnTina40Toon Blast
Midas100Golden Touch

Fortnite Chapter Season 2 Battle Pass includes 100 rewards. Some are free, but the Battle Pass is necessary to earn the most of the prizes.

What are your thoughts on the new Fortnite update? Please let us know.

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