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Team Mantra Vs. Team Unllimited – Grand Final – DreamHack Halo Series Anaheim 2020



Team Mantra Vs. Team Unllimited – Grand Final – DreamHack Halo Series Anaheim 2020

Halo is gradually becoming one of the most popular console games. Recently, Halo tournament got organized in which top 12 teams, directly seeded into pools, came face to face to compete for the very first DreamHack Halo Championship title, and of course, a grand $25,000 prize pool.

Fans were ecstatic as teams showed remarkable gameplay throughout the event. Eventually, It came down to the Grand Finals, where Team Mantra and Team Unllimited were up against each other. It was one of the best Halo series in recent times.

Team Mantra dominating Unllimited

Unllimited started showing aggression from the beginning. UNL Tripppey was on a role, managing to hit two members of TM with on shot. He was able to apply pressure on TM and got a triple kill for his team.

TM was able to pull off a triple kill, gaining the momentum for his team. TM started to move the Flag, going all-in for the win. TM was able to force the UNL member into a corner, and TM

Bubudubu was successful in planting the Flag, without much resistance shown from the UNL. TM got the lead 1-0.

Afterward, TM continued to push into the UNL comfort zones, killing all members of UNL. TM led by 19 kills from TM Falcated, backed up by the 17 kills from TM Spartan. TM was now leading with 2-0.

After losing the first two rounds, UNL made a comeback. They dominated the TM members from the start of the game. TM had no answers for this performance, leaving with no choice but to call GG. The score was now 2-1.

Game of Flags

UNL switched the gears as UNL Deadzone beat down the member of TM, followed by a double kill. TM began to lose composure, and three Flags got captured by UNL in a short amount of time.

TM Bubudubu led the charge, tanking for his team. Meanwhile, TM members were able to kill three members of UNL, ready to snatch the Flags from the grasp of UNL. The score was 3-1, and TM was one game away from winning the tournament.

Comeback by Unllimited

Both teams passed forty marks on points. UNL Stellur was able to snipe the two TM members, which proved to be the game changer and turned the tables around for UNL.

In the next round, TM got the advantage but could not close the deal. UNL was able to hold against the push of TM, forcing a game seven out of them.

The Champions

UNL was getting a hold of the sniper tower, but TM Bubudubu killed a member of UNL, creating an opening for his team. TM was winning, but the UNL was able to get a hold of the snipers, creating a window of opportunity.

It looked like UNL was going to win, but TM Spartan, like an ace, was able to put a stop on their advances. TM Spartan and Falcated got the last two kills, resulting in the victory of Team Mantra in the Grand Finals of Halo Series.

What do you think which team won the game and which won the hearts?

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