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Team Liquid Vs. Virtus.Pro – Epic Game! – CSGO IEM Katowice 2020



Team Liquid Vs. Virtus.Pro – Epic Game! - CSGO IEM Katowice 2020

It is the start of the New Year, and already we can witness one of the greatest matches of CSGO. It was the opening round of the Group B of IEM Katowice 2020. The game was between Team Liquid and Virtus.Pro. Both teams are one of the best in the world for their flawless coordination and game understanding.

Fans were expecting an exciting series, and both teams did not let their hopes down and delivered some remarkable CSGO gameplay.

Game 1: Map Vertigo

The first game of the series was on Vertigo because VP chose this map as their first pick. Both teams having a firm grip on this map, it was only predictable that it was going to be a good match.

In the first round, it came down to a 1v2 situation. VP James pulled off a brilliant clutch and was able to dominate first round for his team. In the fourth round, TL was able to come back with TL EliGE and nitr0, killing four members of VP together.

From that point onwards, it was a complete back and forth rounds, going into the favour of both teams. TL nitr0 was leading the team with his 20 kills, but VP was one step ahead. The players played smartly and were able to pull off a 2v1 situation.

VP was with a 13-15 round lead in their favour when TL made a comeback. TL EliGE and Stewie2k stepped up and were able to kill multiple members of VP. TL were able to draw the game, forcing overtime.


TL was able to force a 6 round Overtime out of VP. In the first round, TL planted the bomb and held the game well. VP had no choice but to give up on this round. However, VP was able to secure the second round, equalizing the score again.

In the third round, TL was able to plant the bomb, coming down to a 1v1 situation. TL EliGE came on top, killing the VP Adren, winning the round for his team. VP was playing into the hands of TL at this point, outclassing VP from every direction. TL was able to close map one with 19-16, heading into the next round with a lead of 1-0 in the best of 3 series.

Game 2: Map Mirage

VP started this round in the same fashion as the first one, winning multiple rounds. Until round 18, it looked like VP had a chance to even the series, but everything started to crumble for them afterwards.

TL was playing the map fabulously, picking up members of VP in every direction. TL Twistzz was able to get triple kills in two consecutive rounds, destroying the morale of VP. Even in a 3v3 situation, VP was unable to overcome the TL.

TL was able to win the map comfortably in the end, with a score of 16-9, and also winning the best of 3 series.

What was your best moment from this game? Please let us know.

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