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Turtle Beach Battle Gaming EarBuds Review



Turtle Beach Battle Gaming EarBuds Review

Earbuds are saturated in the market as of now. It is challenging to stand out from the crowd. All earbuds are usually the same. They house the same sized drivers, the same design language, the same cable, and finally the same 3.5 mm connector. Making a distinct stand that separates you from the rest of the many earbuds is very difficult. Many reputable brands stand out, but that’s only because they invest a lot in marketing. The brands that don’t invest in marketing get their sales through word of mouth.

This means it is hard as ever for smaller or less known companies to stand out. There is another way to stand out from the crowd and become noticed. That is to bring some innovation to the standard earbuds. What change could you bring to earbuds? Well, let’s find out together.

Are you an enthusiastic gamer? Do you play games often? Well, then you must own a pair of headphones. These headphones are necessary to enjoy games. With multiplayer games, you need a right sounding mic, too, to communicate with your other teammates. Headphones usually house a decent sounding microphone. What if we tell you of a unique combination of earbuds that also house s dedicated mic? A microphone that is similar to the quality and performance of a headphone. And that microphone can be detached at any time.

This results in the two-way usability of the earbuds. With the microphone attached, you could game on it or listen to calls. Without the mic, you could use it to listen to audiobooks, music, watch a movie, listen to the news, or enjoy online content.

Now, this is an innovation brought to simple earbuds. Using this, a company named Turtle Beach is making its mark on the minds of people. They have come up with this different approach, so users have more options to use it for.

Of course, you don’t only want a good design; you also wish to decent sounding earbuds. Sound is a critical factor when looking to buy any set of earbuds. When you buy any audio device, you fore mostly look for a decent sounding device.

The second factor you look for is comfort. What good is a device if it is terrific sounding but is not comfortable. If you keep getting tired while using the earbuds, what good are they? So comfort is the second key factor one should keep in their minds when looking to buy and device, especially earbuds.

Like we discussed before, we’re going to be reviewing an earbud from Turtle Beach. There are so many earbuds out there in the market as of now. So instead of you reviewing every product, we’ve gone ahead and picked a product that we think will surely exceed your expectations—introducing Turtle Beach Battle Buds.

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Battle Buds from Turtle Beach is sure to make a mark in the earbuds market. The Battle Buds are in-ear gaming earbuds that ate built to battle on any platform. With universal support across all devices, you can take them to action on any device.

They sound great, as they feature a pair of 10 mm drivers that produce crystal clear highs and storming lows. All in all, they produce intense bass, and any content can be enjoyed on these earbuds.

They feature a removable high sensitivity, a boom mic that we’ll discuss separately. It is a lightweight device that produces a sound that challenges well-known brands. These Battle Buds are the perfect combination of excellent music and in-ear comfort.

The design is very comfortable, and you can game on it or use it for extended sessions of time without feeling fatigued at all.  Turtle Beach has kept a strong focus on the comfort factor as they know that gamers will use Battle Buds for extended periods. That reason kept aside; an earbud must be comfortable to wear.

Design & Build Quality

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds stand out in terms of design too. Unlike traditional earbuds that have a rounded shaped structure, the Battle Buds come with a triangular formation. This design looks very sleek and eye-catching. The whole structure is made from hard plastic and will not be wearing out anytime soon. The cable is not braided but still seems durable enough.

It comes in two variants regarding color. Firstly, in plain black and secondly in white with an accent of light blue. Both colors look great and depend on your personal choice, which one you opt for. All in all, both shades look very sleek.

Detachable Mic

Turtle Beach Battle Buds feature a removable high sensitivity, unidirectional boom mic. Unlike other traditional mics on earbuds, this mic is more sensitive to sound. The inline mics are usually of low quality. This separate mic picks up your voice clearly and transmits it so your teammates can hear you loud and clear. When you’re not gaming, you can detach the mic and use the inline mic for your calls or other stuff.

In the Box

In the box along with the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, you’ll find the removable microphone, quick start guide, and a Turtle Beach Sticker. Regarding the tips, in the box, you’ll find three different sized earbud tips and three separate sized stabilizer wings. That’s a lot of accessories considering its price.

Multifunction In-line Controller

The Battle Buds come with an inline controller so that you can have all the necessary controls at your fingertips. The controller houses the central master volume control to increase or decrease the volume. A dedicated mic mute switch and a multifunction button that is used to pick up/ decline calls. 

Universal Compatibility

As we discussed that Battle Buds are universally compatible. This means that they work without any issue on almost all devices. The only requirement is that those devices need to have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Battle Buds work great with PS4, PS4 Pro, X-box, Nintendo Switch, and a PC.

Final Words

The detachable mic is not a gimmick at all. You hear a loud sound coming from that mic. The sound quality is also excellent, if not perfect. Battle Buds rivals its competitors. With so many packed features, it’s an easy recommendation from us.

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