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Evil Geniuses Vs. Team Liquid – League of Legend Majors LCS Spring 2020



Evil Geniuses Vs. Team Liquid – League of Legend Majors LCS Spring 2020

Recently, EG and Team Liquid were up against each other in the group stages of the League of Legends LCS Spring Majors 2020. Team Liquid made some improvements in their roster. It proved useful during the first week of the play, but the performance of Team Liquid started going downhill afterward.

On the other hand, EG had the best week, but everyone was shocked by their loss against Dignitas. Both teams had to overcome their shortcomings to win this game.

Fight for the Drakes

Both teams had a decent start, and the game was pretty much even before the first Drake. Afterward, TL Victor was peeling for his squad, and EG gave up, resulting in TL securing the first Infernal Drake.

When it was time for the second Drake, EG decided to take the fight for the Cloud Drake buff. During the battle, Ornn cast his ultimate, managing to get the two members of TL. Meanwhile, EG Sejuani was able to steal the Drake with Smite for his team successfully.

During the third Drake fight, EG Ezreal cast his ultimate, zoning out the four members of Team Liquid. As a result, TL Sett got caught out of position. It resulted in a 1v5 fight, and Sett died. It became an opening, and EG was able to secure the third Drake.

Afterward, EG Zoe got ganked by Elise from TL at the top lane, resulting in his death. At the same time, EG Ornn and Ezreal were able to find and kill TL Sett alone on the bot lane. EG Sejuani was able to secure the fourth Drake for his team.

EG shifted the gears and played flawlessly. They were able to get the fifth Mountain Drake as well, hence granting the Mountain Drake soul.

Pursuing the Baron

EG was in a better position and decided to close the game, and started searching for the Baron. TL was desperate and attempted to stop EG from slaying the Baron. TL forced a fight In the Mid lane, near the Tier 2 tower, and lost.

EG found an opening and pushed without needing Baron, and nuked the Mid Inhibitor of TL. Afterward, EG went for the Baron, with three members of TL trying to stop them. But EG was able to secure the Baron as EG Braum and Zoe successfully distracted the TL.

Marching towards the Victory

With Baron Buff, EG went Bot lane and destroyed the bot Inhibitor, along with two kills. Due to the 3v5 situation, EG went straight for the Nexus, but TL was able to hold the defense.

When Elder Drake spawned, both teams went for it. EG Ornn knocked up two TL members, and EG Ezreal was able to kill them swiftly.

TL forced to back off, but it was too late at this point, as EG Ezreal went for the Nexus, destroys it, resulting in the victory of EG.

What was your best moment from this game? Please let us know.

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