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Team Secret Vs. Team Nigma – Dota 2 Bukovel Minor 2020 Grand Final!



Team Secret Vs. Team Nigma – Dota 2 Bukovel Minor 2020 Grand Final!

WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020 came to an end. All the teams displayed their full potential throughout the event. Team Nigma and Team Secret were up against each other in the Grand Final. Before coming face to face in the finals, Team Secret defeated Nigma in the semi-finals of the event.

Nigma showed some quality gameplay in the lower bracket, managing to come face to face against Team Secret once again. It was a chance for Nigma to avenge themselves.

Game 1: Team Secret owning Nigma

Nigma was able to push Team Secret on the backfoot from the start of the game. But Team Secret made full use of their late-game draft and came on top. Matumbaman was able to land some good Chronospheres on multiple heroes of Nigma.

Team Secret managed to catch Miracle off-guard inside the Chronosphere, followed by the Reaper’s Scythe. Nigma tapped out, and Team Secret was able to close the game, leading the series 1-0.

Game 2: Unstoppable Team Secret

Team Secret showed the same aggressive gameplay even in game 2. There was never a chance for Nigma as Team Secret was one step ahead of the entire game. It was an impressive teamplay displayed by Team Secret.

Despite the decent draft of Nigma, they were unable to do anything in this game. Team Secret was just too good this around as well, leading the series 2-0.

Game 3: Comeback by Nigma

It looked like there was no chance for Nigma, but this around, it was a completely different story. Nigma continued their aggressive gameplay after learning from their mistakes from game 1. Kuroky and gH were the real MVP of this game. They made sure to let their carry stay alive in the team fight, proving them with constant healing.

It was more than Team Secret could handle, forcing to tap out. The series was now 2-1.

Game 4: Complete Domination by Nigma

Both teams had pretty decent drafts. Team Secret was able to get a healthy lead in the early game, but it was not enough to secure their victory. Nigma made full use of their late-game draft, led by the supports.

There was a lot of sustain in the draft of Nigma. They were able to recover quickly in the team fights, leaving Team Secret no room to breathe. With this performance, Nigma was able to level the series 2-2.

Game 5: The Final Showdown

After losing the first two games, Nigma was able to force out a game five from Team Secret miraculously. Everyone was excited about this game, but Nigma had some other plans. Nigma was out for blood as they hunted down players of Team Secret from the beginning. They forced Team Secret to tap out and winning the finals by 3-2.

Not only Nigma won the event, but they were also able to avenge themselves after losing to Team Secret in the semi-finals.

What was your best play from this series? Please let us know.

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