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The Launch Date Of The iPhone 9 Appears In A Leak



The Launch Date Of The iPhone 9 Appears In A Leak

So far, the various rumors agree that the iPhone 9 will be released next March. Some sources even said that this is going to be Apple’s cheapest smartphone in 2020

According to the latest leak, this information is well underway. The data that have come to light reveals that the next Apple event will take place on March 31. Therefore, this will be the launch date of the iPhone 9.

This is stated by the German news portal iPhone-Ticker, which notes that reliable sources in the Apple environment have provided this information. As detailed in the report, the Apple event will be held on Tuesday, March 31 and on Friday, April 3. This is when the iPhone 9 will go on sale in the market. However, due to production difficulties associated with coronavirus, some shipping delays may occur.

iPhone 9 is also called iPhone SE 2

The iPhone 9, formerly known as iPhone SE 2 because it is considered to be the successor of the iPhone SE, has been the subject of all kinds of rumors and leaks in recent months.

As far as design is concerned, it is said that it will be the cheap iPhone but at the cost of design from three generations ago. To reduce costs, its appearance would be based on the iPhone 8, with an obsolete Home button with Touch ID instead of Face ID.

Regarding the specifications of the iPhone 9, although it is said that at the hardware level, it will have some of the technological advances of the current iPhone, its possible features have not been filtered. For now, we do not know what is under the hood the successor of the iPhone SE.

iPhone 9 design concepts

The concepts of one of the most anticipated phones by Apple lovers are not few. Concept Creator, for example, has a design with the style of the iPhone SE on its sides. Although the rear camera looks more like iPhone XR.

This other concept of iPhone SE 2 of Concepts iPhone shows it with a fingerprint sensor on the screen and up to three rear cameras. Although it will be the cheapest Apple cell phone, it does not seem realistic to think that they would place so many sensors.

And this other YouTube channel shows us a concept inspired in a certain way on the iPhone 11. However, it has nuances of the first generation iPhone SE. We are not sure if the camera is double or regular, but its rear design looks cute and very delicate.

iPhone 9 Price

What has been rumored is its price, which would be around 399 US Dollars.

Apart from the presentation of the iPhone 9, the Apple event that is expected for March 31 could also host the launch of the new iPad Pro 2020, according to Digitimes. On the other hand, we may also know an updated version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

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