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Android will let you use a game before it is completely downloaded



Android will let you use a game before it is completely downloaded

When downloading a game from the Play Store, it may take too long to download if the game is quite heavy. This is something that can be annoying for users who have to wait a long time to start it. Google introduced instant games recently. It is as a solution to play something without installing, although improvements in Android game downloads have not arrived.

Luckily, Google works on Android improvements in this field. As we have learned, the company is developing an incremental file system that will allow you to run games and applications on Android without downloading the complete package from the Play Store.

Currently, the download of a game can be quite long, since we not only have to download the game itself but when we open it on Android, there are some additional downloads (such as additional maps, etc.) It makes this process extended, significantly postponing the moment to start playing it.

How Instant Games Work

Google seeks to bring changes with the introduction of the so-called incremental file system. The company is currently testing on a Pixel 4 XL, where a new directory has been created on the phone. It contains subdirectories for phone applications and games. It is in the subdirectories where are the APKs, the OBB (complementary information) or the file libraries.

The idea behind this system is that the games or applications will be able to run even if the secondary files and other resources are still being downloaded. This will reduce the waiting times when playing on the phone, since we can start with a game tutorial, while waiting for the download to complete, for example. As the download is completed, we will advance on several screens, which allow us to take the first steps in the game in question.

In essence, its function is to ask the server for the most basic data for the execution of the application. This takes a few seconds, which allows you to have the operating app while the rest is downloaded in the background.

It has its pros and cons. The advantage is that you can start using an app as soon as possible. On the other hand, you will not experience the app entirety. Some features may not work from the start, so you will have to wait to use them.

This will be valid for both applications and games. It is true that in the case of video games, some have to wait for a second download, but in this case, the system will download the basics to start the game as soon as possible.

Instant Apps and Games Launch Date

Google already tests this function, although for now, there is no date for its launch on Android. It could be something that becomes official with the arrival of Android 11, although it is not ruled out that we have to wait until next year to reach the operating system.

Google has not confirmed anything about this feature so far. What we can see is that positive changes are introduced in the Play Store, for better use of the store.

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