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Sony To Close Official PlayStation Forums This Month



Sony To Close Official PlayStation Forums This Month

Sony has announced that it will be closing the official PlayStation forum this month.

In a surprise move, Sony has announced that its PlayStation message board, which allows PlayStation owners to chat and troubleshoot problems with the console, will be shutting down on February 27th.

The announcement was revealed on the official forum in a short message reading: “Hello, Beginning 27th February, the forums will no longer be available. We invite you to continue the conversation via, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For product support, please visit the support site,”

As per the announcement, it seems Sony is pushing fans to use other forms of social media for interaction including PlayStation’s social channels and the official PlayStation blog where news is usually announced, although only comments are allowed there.

Users on the official forums shared this disappointment in the decision, reflecting on old memories of when they joined the website years ago. Some fans criticised Sony’s decision for scrapping the community they had built where many console owners helped and supported one another.

Meanwhile, other fans questioned why Sony was shutting the official forums ahead of an official announcement of the next-generation PlayStation console.

Sony To Release New PlayStation VR

With the new PlayStation 5 console due to drop this Holiday season, Sony has revealed that it will be releasing a new version of its PlayStation VR headset alongside the console.

Although current VR headsets are compatible with the new PS5 console, Sony will still release a new and updated headset following the launch of the PS5, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Reports state that Sony’s PSVR has sold over five million units since its launch back in October 2016. As interest in virtual reality continues to grow, Sony continues to push for more VR games including the upcoming Iron Man VR project and a VR version of the newly released Dreams.

In the same report, Bloomberg claimed that Sony is struggling to keep the cost of the upcoming console down due to expensive production parts. It’s been claimed that Sony is struggling to find a reliable supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory and is pumping extra money into the console’s cooling system.

As previously reported, Sony is allegedly waiting for Microsoft to unveil the price of its upcoming Xbox Series X console before deciding the price of its console. Microsoft unveiled its console last December at The Game Awards but held back on specifications and the retail price.

Meanwhile, Sony has yet to officially unveil its console and its unclear when the console will be revealed. Many people were hoping for a reveal at this year’s E3 event, but Sony crushed said hopes after announcing that it will not be appearing at the event.

We can hope for some news on the PS5 console and VR headset within the coming months, particularly since the new console is set to launch later this year.

Photo Credits: Sony.

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