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Macdroid Makes Android And Mac Connect Seamlessly



Macdroid Makes Android And Mac Connect Seamlessly

If you are a Mac user and you have to deal frequently with Android devices, you might want help like MacDroid, an Android gadget organizer for Mac.

Although the ideal thing is to work with the Apple ecosystem, which allows you to easily connect your Mac with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other devices, it is not always the case. Some people prefer to have a Mac but, in turn, deal with an Android smartphone or tablet.

In fact, Google’s solution leaves a lot to be desired, since the Android File Transfer app is simple, but not always, and not always for good. Luckily, to connect your Android devices to your Mac, there are several solutions both via USB cable and without cables, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Among the solutions available, in the past, we have talked about Commander One, an alternative to Finder full of functions. Among them, there is a possibility of accessing the content of Android devices.

The managers of the Electronic Team are working on a new application. This app is simpler and focused only on the task of connecting your Android gadgets via USB to your Mac. So you can access its content as if they were an external disk. Connect, mount, and ready to move, as well as copy or delete files.

Simple but practical

The goal of MacDroid, which is how Mac calls this app, is to make it easy if you have to manage Android devices. It is not about accessing what you see on your screen. For this, you just have to handle them physically. MacDroid is committed to organizing the content of your Android as one more disk. Simple, easy and useful.

For example: Photos, videos, music, files in general. MacDroid makes the Android file system take with the macOS Finder. Besides, the app remains in the menu bar to comfortably handle two or more connected devices.

MacDroid is compatible with macOS 10.10 or higher. Fortunately, MacDroid is compatible with any version of Android, recent or old. And among its advantages, it allows you to connect the devices via USB using two methods. The simplest method is through MTP and the most advanced is through ADB.

If you want to connect your Android devices to your Mac through ADB mode, the MacDroid app itself explains how to do it step by step.

Another advantage is that MacDroid does not require other applications to view the contents of the Android device. It will be mounted as an external disk or any image and you will see its contents from Finder itself.

You can use MacDroid for free to view the content of Android devices and to move content from your Android to your Mac. In case you want to handle that content upside down, from Mac to Android, you can do so during the 7-day trial period or subscribe to the application at a cost, in principle, of USD 19.99 per year, or whatever same, 1.67 USD per month.

Besides unlocking all MacDroid features, the subscription also entitles you to install the full app on up to 5 Macs. You will find more information about MacDroid on its official website.

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