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Microsoft Outlook’s New Feature Revealed In A Leak Video



Microsoft Outlook's New Feature Revealed In A Leak Video
Credit: The Walking Cat (@h0x0d)

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new feature for Outlook on the web. The new feature called Spaces was revealed by a Twitter user in a leaked video over the weekend.

It seems Outlook Spaces is designed to allow users to collate emails, note, files, documents, calendar appointments, and to-do lists into online spaces. Spaces brings together the best of Office into a simple space/board that makes it much easier to keep track of things. It will be useful for students or businesses that are planning projects.

Outlook Spaces pending announcement

Microsoft is yet to officially announce the Outlook Spaces and still very much under construction, but some have got access to the new service at the company’s site. Spaces look like an early version of the Microsoft Fluid Framework. Fluid takes the idea of the document and turns them into a cloud app where multiple people can contribute with graphs, tables, text and more. It is not revealed if Outlook Spaces is running on Fluid, but there is a good possibility.

The Windows makes describes Outlook Spaces as a web app that “pulls together your documents, emails, and events using the search items you provide here.” The official description states “Spaces helps you organize your emails, meetings, and docs into easy-to-follow project spaces. Forget worrying about dropping the ball; Spaces helps you stay effortlessly on top of what matters.” It also further teases that “in upcoming releases, we’ll be using AI to assist in discovering and grouping work items into Spaces.”

Outlook Space essentially gives a common platform to keep all your important things for your project. It automatically searches your account with the keywords you provided during setup for relevant emails and documents. Currently, you can put things like emails, tasks, lists, OneDrive files, links, weather, sticky notes and deadlines on Spaces. In the future, you will be able to add Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents too.

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