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A New Leak May Have Revealed The PS5 And Xbox Series X’s Specs



Playstation 5 is comping and Launches Holiday 2020

A brand new leak may have just revealed the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s console specs.

Sony and Microsoft are both set to release their next-generation consoles this Holiday season but the two tech firms have remained tight-lipped about their consoles’ specs. Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox Series X back in December but Sony has yet to reveal their next-gen console.

The two firms have released small details of their consoles but a new leak originating from 4chan has reportedly leaked the consoles’ specs. The leaker claims to be a game tester who has been using an updated version of the PS5 Devkit.

A New Leak May Have Revealed The PS5 And Xbox Series X’s Specs
The PS5 And Xbox Series X’s Specs. Photo Credits; BGR

The user claims that both consoles will have AMD Zen 2 CPUs along with an RDNA GPU. The specs show that the Xbox Series X has the slight edge over the PS5 on the processor while the PS5 just edges over the new Xbox on the GPU.

The 4chan leaker also claims that the PS5 will have 18 GB of RAM and the Xbox 16 GB. Both will feature solid state drives (SSD) although the Xbox’s drive will be larger (1 TB) than the PS5’s (500 GB). However, the PS5 will have better SSD performance compared to the Xbox.

PS5 Predictions

An analyst has predicted that the next-generation PlayStation console will ship six million units by March 2021.

Japanese analyst Hideki Yasuda from the Ace Research Institute based in Osaka has shared his prediction about the performance of the upcoming PS5 console after Sony announced its financial results of the last quarter.

Yasuda, who is well respected when it comes to his analysis and predictions on the video games industry, has claimed that Sony will ship six million units of the PS5 and PS4 by the end of the firm’s next fiscal year – March 31st, 2021.

Other predictions suggest that the PS5 will cost £500 after a report from Bloomberg revealed that Sony is struggling to keep production costs of the new console down due to expensive parts used for the cooling system and a struggle to find a reliable supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory.

Currently, manufacturing costs for the new PlayStation console is sitting around $450 per unit, which many believe is the reason Sony hasn’t officially unveiled the new console and revealed its price.

According to the Bloomberg report, insiders have claimed that a key factor in the PS5 retail price will be what Microsoft sets its price for the upcoming Xbox. It’s thought that Microsoft will hold back on revealing the price until this year’s E3 event in June.

Right now, it’s unclear when PlayStation will be revealing more details about its upcoming console, particularly since Sony revealed it will not be attending E3 later this year, where new consoles are usually unveiled.

Many fans have been hoping for a press event this month but with only two weeks of the month, many have begun to doubt such an announcement.

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