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The Classic Playstation Prototype Created by Nintendo and Sony Goes to Auction



The Classic Playstation Prototype Created by Nintendo and Sony Goes to Auction

Nintendo and Sony have a complicated history in their past. All commercial agreement went wrong at that time. But before everything got annoying, both companies managed to work on the functional prototype of a joint console.

Surprisingly, this device is capable of playing Super NES cartridges as well as games in the old CD-ROM compact disc format. This is one of the most desired toys by video game collectors.

Last December, this toy was launched at auction, achieving an unexpected supply peak with a bid for USD $ 1.2 million.

The incredible thing is that even with that astronomical figure, the owner of the Nintendo PlayStation prototype rejected the money.

This condition shows that the owner wants more money and now just launched another auction for the device. The publication is new. So the bid is barely started over USD 31,000, 22 days after the purchase price proposal period closes.

This prototype could be the last of its kind, and if one day it sells, it will surely not be for a small amount of money.

What Happened to This Device in The Past

It is not clear what happened with the remaining 199 prototypes. Some sources suggest that all units were destroyed at that time.

The story is well known. At the time of the 16 bits, SNES and Mega Drive competed for hegemonic in the market. SEGA’s console was far from beating Nintendo’s, but Mario’s company had lost ground concerning its previous machine.

With an eye on the future, the Kyoto allied with Sony to produce a machine with a CD-ROM drive, the Nintendo PlayStation. However, the agreement was broken, and everyone went their way.

Two hundred units of this prototype were manufactured. Although, at present, it is believed that only one of them has survived, which has been put up for sale.

The fate of the remaining 199 seems to have been its destruction, although it is not 100% confirmed. “At one point, the existence of this prototype manufactured by two brands was a simple myth, and this is the first time it has been offered in public auction. It is the last prototype of the 200 that were supposedly created,” says the auction page.

How was Nintendo PlayStation?

The prototype has features of both Nintendo and PlayStation, “but it has its own unique features too.”

It has a cartridge slot for NES and SNES games, as well as a CD-ROM drive, which was intended for video games and their multimedia features. Although the CD-ROM drive did not work when [the console] was found in 2009, it has been repaired by Benjamin Heckendorn, a YouTube celebrity known for his console repair videos. So, the machine can play music on CD as advertised by PlayStation, but it is known that software was also developed during the prototyping phase.

The command is similar to SNES. Although it already comes with the name of PlayStation. Besides, the console has a small screen that informs about the music theme that is played on the CD. It allows the player to listen to his music while playing SNES cartridges. One of its mysteries is a port named “NEXT”, but as of today, it is unknown what its main functionality was going to be.

When Nintendo and Sony broke their agreement, Mario’s company decided to opt for the cartridges again. Nintendo 64 changed the initial idea and abandoned the CD-ROM, which however was used in PlayStation, already as Sony’s console.

From then on, the optical format became a standard. Sony PlayStation may not have seen the light. However, this prototype work symbolizes what one day united and finally could not be together, an alliance that is written in history.

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