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Microsoft Launched Windows 10X with Minimalist Design



Microsoft Launched Windows 10X with Minimalist Design

Windows 10X is a modified version of Windows 10. With this, Microsoft intends to equip dual-screen folding devices, such as Surface Duo or Surface Neo.

Thanks to the emulator launched by the company this week, the developers can check the compatibility of their applications. Some skilled users have been able to operate it on more traditional, single-screen devices.

Although it is possible to install Windows 10X on a wide range of devices, you will miss some additional features if you do not install it in the dual-screen device. For example, the feature called Wonder Bar.

Wonder bar in Windows 10X

This is a touch bar equivalent to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. The Microsoft surface device automatically generates in the free space on the left by the physical keyboards that overlap one of the two screens. Obviously, we will not enjoy it if you install Windows 10X on a Macbook.

Windows 10X devices work by taking advantage of the two product screens to display information and tools on them. However, it is also possible to turn them into a more “traditional” computer by placing a magnetic and physical keyboard on them, as Microsoft already showed us. In this way, only one of the screens is used while the other is covered by the keyboard that is placed on top.

This keyboard often does not cover the entire screen but leaves a space at the top where part of the screen is still visible. Instead of turning off this part of the screen, what Windows 10X does is turn it into a kind of Touch Bar like the one Apple uses on its MacBook, but larger (it will occupy approximately 50% of the screen according to Microsoft) and with more Elements that buttons and emojis.

What can this Wonder Bar do then? According to Microsoft, it will be used to expand the possibilities of the keyboard as well as to add tools to applications. It is possible to show videos, for example, watch an emoji keyboard, search for GIFs, switch between windows of an app, show playback controls or even use it as a trackpad.

Several devices are less compatible with Windows 10X

A Twitter user (@imbushuo), who has already managed to install Windows 10 ARM on a Lumia 950 XL, has announced on Twitter that he has been able to run the new 10X on an Apple MacBook.

This developer has even uploaded a video in which we can verify that the existence of a single screen does not represent any problem for the operating system. Windows 10X automatically divides the screen into two halves allowing to run different applications in each of them, and pass them in one to another.

The @NTAuthority account also shows a Windows 10X installation running on a Lenovo T450s ultrabook. Although he faced a problem when displaying the interface.

Another developer has also turned to Twitter to show his own setup. According to @stroughtonsmith, Surface Go device running Windows 10X with the limited compatibility of drivers will cause some problems with video, WiFi and touch screen.

Of course, the installation process in all these cases is much more complex than just following the steps of the installer. It is more than clicking on the ‘Next’ button several times in a row. Instead, you need to be familiar with some technical things like hard disk partition or PowerShell commands.

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