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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero PC Wireless Gaming Headset Review



Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset

Are you someone who owns a PC along with other consoles? Do you have a PS4 and an X-box? Well if you do then you need a headset that can work on all three devices. Gaming is best done using good quality headsets. Well then is there a headset that works equally well on all three platforms (PC, PS4, X-box)? To answer simply, yes there is.

There are many audio sources when it comes to gaming. Sure you can use large speakers on full volume to enjoy your games, but using headsets is more feasible and beneficial. Loudspeakers annoy others. With headphones, you can use them on full volume without disturbing others.

Keeping three separate headsets for three different platforms is just not feasible. That’s why you need a headset that can work on all three platforms. Not just any headset but a good sounding, comfortable gaming headset that checks all the necessary boxes.

Now before buying a headset, what qualities do you look for? What qualities or features are most important for you? Well, for some the most important feature may be sound quality as that is the main reason you’re buying a gaming headset. For some, it may be comforting, because you use the headset for longer durations so you require comfort. These are basic reasons but there are more features that matter. An example is a noise-canceling microphone.

While in games, you use the microphone to speak with your teammates. Suppose if you’re in a place with noise, you’ll need a good noise-canceling microphone that blocks out all unwanted noise so that your teammates can only hear your voice. Otherwise, the experience for your teammates becomes very unpleasant.

With all these discussed top tier features and compatibility with PC, PS4 and an X-box, the gaming headset we’re going to review today are Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero introduction

If this is the first time you’re reading about this company is because it doesn’t fly under the radar usually. When you think of gaming headsets, only reputable manufacturers come to mind. The reason is that we only tend to buy from companies that do heavy advertisement. Companies like Turtle Beach go unnoticed.

Introducing the Elite Atlas Aero from Turtle Beach. This gaming headset is wireless, with top tier features. It comes with a glass relief system that allows users with glasses to wear these headsets very comfortably. The soft foam allows for this which also adds to the comfort.

The Elite Atlas Aero features 50 mm large drivers that deliver on-point crisp audio with loud bass. The output audio is the clearest audio ever with little to no distortion. With large drivers, you can get larger coverage of frequencies overall. They are tuned to deliver a vast sound stage of the sound. Gaming on these is on point and the audio sounds very crisp and clean. Explosions and gun fires also sound great with heavy bass that boosts the audio a lot. The result is a great sounding speaker.

With large drivers, you can enjoy music even more. The large drivers provide good highs as well as lows. The result is great sounding music. In a nutshell, music sounds great on these headphones.

Let’s talk about the design and build quality of the Elite Atlas Aero.

The Design and Build Quality of Headset

Starting from the build, it is entirely made from hard plastic. Plastic does not relate to cheap material or low build quality. Hard and quality plastic can be used to lower the weight of the device and to make it more affordable for the end-user.

The left side houses the detachable microphone. The left side also houses two scroll wheels to control the output sound from the speakers as well as to control the volume of the microphone. Besides them is the power button, to power on and off the headset. The headband is made from foam that is covered by a piece of fabric.

The headband sits flush on the head and is adjustable. No matter what your head size is, the headband can be adjusted accordingly.


Sound Performance

The Elite Atlas Aero uses Waves NX 3D audio technology that delivers immersive and heavy bass boosted sounds. It also supports surround sound so you can listen to sounds coming from precise locations. This can help you in games, to pinpoint your enemy just by listening to their footsteps.

Waves NX 3D envelopes the user in a virtual environment by creating a real-world like sounds. This technology creates spatial sounds so the user can pick out which sound is of importance for him and which to ignore.

Controlling Sound

Through software, you can customize and control audio settings from your desktop. The software is called Control Studio that is developed by Waves. The software includes Waves NX and Maxx technologies for powerful customization and performance.

What’s in the box

Along with the Elite Atlas Aero, you’ll get a USB transmitter, detachable microphone, and some cables. You’ll get a 3.5 mm mobile cable with an inline microphone and a USB charging cable.

All Day Battery Timing

They boast an all-day battery timing of 30 hours on a single charge. This battery timing is more than enough for most heavy usage players. You can charge the headset once every morning and never fear that it will run out.

Compatibility Windows and Mac

The headset works perfectly with Windows PC or a Mac Pc. The headset is connected through the USB transmitter provided in the box or through the 3.5 mm cable. The Elite Atlas Aero can also work with PS4, X-box, Nintendo Switch and a mobile phone through the 3.5 mm cable.

Affordable Price

This headsets original price was $149.95 but is now on sale for $119.95 on their official website. This is as of writing this article. The prices may be subject to change.


If you want to enjoy your games or simply enjoy content online, these headsets provide high-quality features with comfort. They are an easy recommendation considering the price they come at.

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