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Apple Rumored To Use It’s Own 5G antenna in 2020 iPhones



Apple iPhone 8

Although 5G technology is yet to be available everywhere, it is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest selling points for the smartphone markets this year. It is rumored that Apple will be releasing more than one 5G-supported smartphones. Now a report by Fast Company claims that Apple may not opt to use Qualcomm’s QTM 525 mmWave antenna module and instead design its own custom 5G antenna.

Apple decided to go down this route because the QTM 525 mmWave antenna module offered by Qualcomm doesn’t fit into the sleek industrial design Apple wants on its next iPhone, the report claimed citing a source ‘with knowledge of Apple’s plans.’ However, Qualcomm will still be providing the 5G modem chip in the smartphones- thanks to the Apple-Qualcomm settlement last year that saw the two companies resume business together.

The iPhone maker is apparently working on its antenna design for two possible outcomes- whether it goes with Qualcomm’s QTM 525 or Apple’s own design. The 5G-supported iPhone will be using a “phased array” antenna that uses two parts to form a signal beam that can be steered electronically. The problem in designing a 5G antenna for mmWave is due to the higher frequencies which have higher tolerances for manufacturing.

It could default to this option later this year, the source said. But that will require Apple to settle for a slightly thicker iPhone than it wants. Qualcomm said that its QTM 525 antenna module will “support 5G smartphone designs sleeker than 8 millimeters thick,” the report added

This is not the first time Apple is trying its hand on antenna design. On the iPhone 4, it manufactured an antenna that would drop the signal if you held the wrong way. Surely Apple will be taking cues from after the #antennagate incident and avoid such products in the future.

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