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Was Android 11 Beta Leaked?



Was Android 11 Beta Leaked

Do you still have Android 9 Pie? The pie era is over when Google launched its latest anniversary operating system, Android 10. The also called Android Q seems to have a successor and details of the beta that this software from the Mountain View company will have been discovered.

For four years, during the first quarter, Google advances the next version of its operating system released its Android preview, with March generally being the month chosen by the company to launch.

Well, someone from the company seems to have touched a button by mistake early, and for a few minutes, the Android 11 Developer Preview website has been activated but was immediately disconnected.

Apparently, they missed their news and Google let several users see details about Android R on its Developer Preview site. As of today, all external pages, including links, have been removed. However, the Android Police website was able to rescue the little that was displayed on the web.

Android 11 Features

According to the image, Android 11 will have a new design that, for the most part, will affect the applications of being a beta tester. But not only that, it is expected to improve security and strengthen patterns so that our personal information is not shared with any application involved.

This leak can be a Google mistake or simply Google wanted to give a small detail of its next event for developers which still has no date.

While Android 10 introduced several changes in the notification bar of Android devices, it also offers the phone the so-called “dark mode” throughout the platform.

The next month of March will surely be when we officially meet Android R with all its details.

It should be noted that Android R will not have a sweet name either. It was customary for Google to name software projects alphabetically.

The latest update of Android 11

The (now no longer available) confirmed that the name of the next previous version would be simply Android 11. Nothing from Android R or code names. With Android 10, the names of desserts are over and we see that also the code names of the previous versions.

The Android 11 Developer Preview website was updated today, February 13, but in addition to the name, it only showed in its description the news of Android 10. No download link or news worked. Now that they have disabled the web redirects us to the news of Android 10.

This fact confirms that Android 11 Developer Preview is just around the corner and could arrive earlier than expected. Its novelties are still a mystery beyond the new emojis and leaks such as the possible new airplane mode, new permission to access the files or the wireless ADB protocol.

We will be attentive to the launch of the Android 11 Preview to tell you all the news. Make sure to follow our social media to get the latest update about Android 11 and its features.

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