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Oracle Says To Supreme Court ‘Google Has A Problem’



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Oracle has delivered fresh arguments to the Supreme Court in its ongoing dispute with Google over the use of Java APIs to build Android. The high court will be considering the case on March 24 and deliver a verdict later this year, putting in rest a decade-long battle with billions on the line as well the rules of software development.

“Google has a problem,” Oracle said in a statement. “It committed an egregious act of plagiarism and now needs to rewrite copyright law to justify it. It cannot.”

The argument hinges on two basic questions: can building blocks of a language like Java be copyrighted and if it allows, us borrowing that code for interoperability fair use. Oracle claims the answer is “no” on both counts. According to the company Java was a complex and creative creation and Google copied it after failing to develop its app ecosystem which resulted in Android OS hurting Java’s value.

“No company will make the enormous
investment required to launch a groundbreaking work like Java SE if this Court declares that a competitor may copy it precisely because it is appealing,” reads the filing. Oracle further claims that if Google wins the copyright battle it would damage America’s ability to enforce copyright protections worldwide, since “we cannot credibly insist on strong protections abroad while abandoning them at home.”

While major tech companies are standing behind Google in the fight warning that a win for Oracle will make it difficult to build interoperable software. Oracle in its behalf argues that the notion is irrelevant because while Google has made Java developers to build Android apps, Java and Android apps are not exactly compatible. Google has already won two decisions in the lower court and Oracle has gotten them overturned twice at an appellate level. If the Supreme Court lets the latest decision stand , Oracle will win and Google will face undetermined damages.

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