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Steel Series Arctis 7 Gaming Headset Review



Steel Series Arctis 7 Gaming Headset Review

Gaming headsets are one of the most important components of a gaming rig. Say you have set up your dream gaming PC and lac a headset. Well if you’re a competitive player you should know that headsets are very important especially in first-person shooters. Nonetheless, good headsets are also crucial for a good gaming experience overall.

When gaming, the sound is an important factor that either improves your gaming experience or worsens it. Imagine watching a movie where the audio is not synced with the video. Yes, it sounds cringy and very uncomfortable. That’s the case with cheap headsets. Gaming headsets must be good sounding and the mic must block out unwanted noise so teammates are not disturbed. There are many options available on the market as of now.

The gaming headset’s market is becoming more and more saturated as newer models are being released. With the release of a new headset, the market becomes more saturated and in return makes it difficult for a consumer when purchasing. With so many factors to look out for and the massive number of headsets available, picking one is a nightmare for buyers.

Say you’ve made a decision. But what type are you going to buy? There is a strong reputation for wired gaming headsets as they have very low lag. This is true but wireless headsets are not far behind. Bluetooth headsets may be laggy but some gaming headsets use 2.4 GHz wireless audio technology that ensures low lag when gaming.

Low lag is another key factor because when you are gaming competitively, you want every edge you can get on your enemy. Every advantage you can have will increase your chances of winning. With low lag gaming headsets, you’ll hear the bullet as soon as it is fired!

Steel Series Arctis 7 Headset

Introducing Arctis 7 from Steel Series. Steel Series has a reputation in the gaming field and they hold up in headsets too. Offering their flagship headset paired the latest technologies.

The Arctis 7 from Steel Series comes with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity that is much faster than traditional Bluetooth and offers very low latency when gaming, to give you the edge on your opponent.

It comes with a great mic that is certified by Discord. If it is certified by discord it has to be good. It’s not just good on paper, but using it, in reality, shows why it is certified as it delivers. It is a bi-directional microphone.

It houses the latest DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound technology that offers immersive sounds. It can simulate sound coming from 360 degrees, giving the player a very immersive gaming experience overall.

The battery timing is rated at 24 hours by the company but we’ll talk further down below if that is the case. It got more features packed which we’re going to discuss individually.

The Design and Aesthetics

Arctis 7 is overall a very good built piece of hardware. The whole body is made from plastic which is not a bad thing. It feels solid in the hands. Twisting and turning it around causes no unusual sounds pointing to solid build quality.

The Velcro suspension strap on the top is adjustable to any head size. Once adjusted it stays on your head quite comfortably. You can go for long gaming sessions without feeling fatigued by these. The ear cups are also very comfortable which we’ll discuss below.

The left side of the headset houses the microphone. The retractable microphone is connected through a flexible wire. It comes out about 4 inches which are enough for most people.

RGB is not available on this headset. The overall aesthetics also don’t look very gamer-y. The only light on the headset turns on when the mic is muted.

That’s not a bad thing as the headset looks beautiful with its minimalist and sleek design language.

Steel Series Arctis 7 Gaming Headset
Steel Series Arctis 7 Gaming Headset


Heat is a big issue when it comes to using gaming headsets for longer times. The Arctis 7 uses ear cups made from air weave fabric. This allows proper flow of air ensuring your ears don’t get too hot. The ear cups sit over your ears enveloping them. As time passes they do get hot but not as much compared to others.

What’s in The Box

The Arctis 7 from Steel Series comes with a USB dongle, USB charging cable, and a 3.5 mm cable. The USB dongle can be attached to your PC, laptop, PS4 or even X-box to utilize the low latency 2.4 GHz connectivity. The 3.5 mm audio cable can be plugged into your phone to enjoy music.

Surround Sound

As described earlier, the Arctis 7 uses DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound technology. With this, it can output 7.1 surround sound. This is very beneficial in games as you can hear precise footsteps and precise angles of where the bullet is fired from. This gives you an edge over the enemy.

Battery Life

Steel Series claims 24 hours battery on a single charge. Well, that’s not the case exactly. Using it on medium volume, the Arctis 7 lasts about 18 hours. This is also a decent battery life but the 24 hours is just exaggeration. Nonetheless, this is great too.


The Arctis 7 can be paired with PC, X-box or PS4 using the dongle. It works on 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The result is ultra-low latency audio.

It can also be connected through the 3.5 mm audio cable that it comes with. It can be connected to mobile, PC or laptop through the 3.5 mm headphone jack.


Arctis 7 sounds great with good clarity across all frequencies. The bass is decent, not over the top. Music also sounds very good on these. The isolation is on point. It has one of the best sound isolation on any device.


The Steel Series Arctis 7 sounds great, is comfortable and looks beautiful. With a pile of additional features and compatibility with almost every device, you can’t go wrong

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