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PDP LVL 50 Wireless Gaming Headset Review



PDP LVL 50 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Enjoying music or just watching content online requires good sound quality to enjoy it to the fullest. Gamer’s also need good pair of headphones to enjoy their games to the fullest. 7.1 surround sound speakers give you an immersive sounding experience at home. But the problem is that you can only enjoy them in one place. Other than that other people get disturbed due to load sounds. What a fix for this? What can you use to enjoy music, games, and movies without the loss of sound quality but by avoiding disturbing your neighbors?

How can you enjoy music on the go without taking your bulky speakers with you? Well, there are two fixes. Using wired headphones and using Wireless headphones. The problem with wired headphones is that their wires get tangled so often. Its trouble carrying them with tangled wires and the wire deteriorates too. The plain and simple fix? Use Wireless headphones as they are wireless and portable.

They can be folded up and put in a small bag and can be convenient to carry around. Their portability makes them easy to travel with. Gamers can use them too while gaming. If a gamer needs to move around they can easily move around without removing their headphones as they are wireless. The average user can listen to music on it too.

So many perks right? So what is the ideal Wireless headphone that delivers good quality without breaking your bank?

Here we’re reviewing the PDP LVL 50.

PDP LVL 50 Wireless budget-friendly

Professional gaming headsets are all very expensive. They cross the $100 range and some even go beyond $150. Finding a budget gaming headset with a price that doesn’t break your bank is difficult. Some headphones are very cheap but the quality is not acceptable.

Finding the center point where price and value are both met is important. Here the PDP LVL 50 comes in with a budget price paired with quality features.

In such expensive headsets, there stands the PDP LVL 50 wireless gaming headset that is a budget-friendly headset. It isn’t the best gaming headset but for the price, it delivers a lot of good features.

It doesn’t have a lot of buttons and its look is very simple and clean. The PDP LVL 50 does not shout gamer at all but it does have a distinct look. For this price, you can’t complain about much.

Let’s get into it deeper.

The Design and Aesthetics fit for Gamers?

The design does not scream a gamer at all. That’s not important as long as it looks decent enough. The design of PDP LVL 50 is similar to the wired LVL 50. The whole structure is made of plastic. Plastic does not relate to cheap at all. Companies use plastic to lower the weight of the devices.

It’s built from matte gray plastic all around except on the headband. The headband is adjustable and adjusts according to your head size. Almost every head size can fit easily in the LVL 50. The sides slide up and down smoothly to adjust according to you.

The left ear-cup houses the charging port and on the back, it houses the power and mode buttons. There are two mode buttons which we will look into detail further. The right ear-cup houses a scrolling wheel that acts as a volume adjuster.

Finally, the right side holds the microphone which is not retractable. The microphone swivels and when pushes up, it automatically mutes.

Ear-cups padding

The ear-cups hold the cushion responsible for maintaining comfort for long gaming sessions. The foam is covered in a piece of fabric. That fabric is quite nice and allows for airflow resulting in heat dissipation. With this, you can game for longer sessions without your ears heating up.

Inside the ear-cups, you’ll find either blue or green fabric that resembles a PS4 or an X-box depending on which you buy.

Audio Modes

As discussed earlier the left side of ear-cups have a mode button. This button is used to switch between two built-in modes of operation. The LVL 50 has Pure Audio mode and Bass Boost mode. Both modes are useful for different scenarios.

The Pure Audio mode can be used when playing games that don’t involve a lot of shooting, fighting, explosions, etc. In games like these, the audio output is very crisp and clear so you can hear what the story of the game is telling you.

The second mode, Bass Boost mode is also very useful. It shines best in games that involve a lot of shooting, fighting, and explosions. In games like these, you can hear the boom of the headsets. By pressing the button you can easily toggle between the two modes at any time.


Although LVL 50 is a budget gaming headset, it doesn’t use old connectivity methods like Bluetooth. The PDP LVL 50 comes with a USB dongle that can be inserted into a PC, laptop, PS4 or even an X-box.

The USB dongle comes paired with the LVL 50, but if there’s an issue with the pairing, just click the connect button on the side of the headset. The charging of the headset will end sooner or later. Here is where they have cut corners.

The LVL 50 does not house a 3.5 mm jack. If it had one, you could’ve easily plugged in a cable and enjoyed your games.

Battery Life

The PDP LVL 50 lasts about 16 hours on a single charge. That is not over the top but is quite decent battery timing. The results may differ with different usage scenarios.

Affordable Price

You can get the PDP LVL 50 Wireless from Amazon for about $60. At this price, it has very few competitors.


This is not the best gaming headsets out there. This is for those who are looking for decent quality with a low price tag. If you are a hardcore gamer, you can spend a little extra but if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with these.

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