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Nokia will revive Nokia N9 in MWC Barcelona



Nokia will revive Nokia N9 in MWC Barcelona

HMD Global, developer of mobile phones for the Finnish Nokia, plans to relaunch in the market an emblematic device of the decade that has just ended. This is the ” Nokia N9 “, a team that emerged in 2011 and considered revolutionary at the time. Their new version would be presented at the end of the month.

The “Nokia N9” had been the first smartphone developed by the Finnish firm to be used by the MeeGo operating system, which the company launched with the Intel processor. However, the company quickly gave up on continuing to implement the system, so the model in question was ultimately the only one to own it.

The Nokia N9 was the first smartphone launched by the company after the company gave up using the Symbian operating system. The device appeared in 2011 based on the MeeGo system, which was jointly developed by Nokia and Intel.

The New Nokia N9 Launch Date

A revolutionary design distinguished this ‘smartphone’ at that time since the first launch is it had no keys on the front panel and offered support for gesture control. In 2012, the Nokia N9 began operating based on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system.

Based on this experience, the Finnish firm intends to bring back the “Nokia N9 Remastered Edition”, which would have an AMOLED screen and a dual camera. However, they will have the possibility of the latest Android system.

As the GizChina technology portal pointed out, its presentation would take place in the impending “Mobile World Congress 2020” this month in Barcelona.

Will The New Nokia N9 Have 5G Connection?

Nokia has already closed a total of 66 commercial agreements for the deployment of 5G mobile infrastructure, with 19 networks already in operation. The Finnish group also indicated that it has already established more than 100 agreements with this new technology.

The announcement coincides with the worsening of the Huawei crisis after this Wednesday, Vodafone communicated its intention to veto the presence of the Chinese manufacturer of its key 5G networks, with an impact for its accounts of 200 million euros.

A few days ago, BT had announced the same, with an impact of almost 600 million, while Telefónica also indicated that it plans to reduce its dependence on the Chinese manufacturer.

The US attorney general, William Barr, was affirming that his country and his allies should consider investing in the Finnish Nokia and the Swedish Ericsson to counter Huawei’s dominance in 5G.

In financial terms, Nokia recorded an adjusted operating profit in the fourth fiscal quarter of 1,130 million euros, above market forecasts. Adjusted earnings per share stood at 0.15 euros, also above analyst estimates. Nokia placed the adjusted operating margin in the fourth quarter at 16.4%, above the 15.8% expected by the market.

Investors welcomed the accounts. Nokia shares rose 2.27% yesterday, to 3.70 euros. Since the beginning of the year, they accumulate a revaluation of more than 12%.

In the year as a whole, Nokia returned to profits after three consecutive years of losses, registering a net attributable profit of 14 million euros. In 2018, it had lost 554 million. Revenue stood at 23,315 million euros, 3% more, thanks to the network division.

So far, there are no clear signs yet whether New Nokia N9 had a 5G connection. However, we will update here as soon as we receive confirmed info.

Photo Credit: GizChina.

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