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Windows 10X Updates Will Take Less Than 90 Seconds



Windows 10X Updates Will Take Less Than 90 Seconds

Microsoft is back with more Windows 10X announcements today which is designed for new dual-screen devices. The software giant has re-engineered this special variant of Windows to install and update a lot faster than its normal variant. Now, users will be able to download a Windows 10X update and simply switch it at reboot within less than 90 seconds.

This new change is a big difference from what we are used to with the PC variant of Windows 10 today. The process we use involves downloading an update and then applying it and rebooting which takes minutes even on high-end systems. But Microsoft decided to change that by developing a special state separation in Windows 10X.

In Windows 10X, operating systems, drivers and apps are all separate so that Microsoft can simply switch to the latest OS after the device is rebooted. To makes apps independent from system files or data Microsoft is using container technology for win32 traditional desktop apps that run on devices like Surface Neo.

The upcoming dual-screen devices that will come pre-loaded with Windows 10X will be powered by Intel’s new Lakefield processors. There is very little information about the performance of the chips, but the company today confirmed that the chips will include big and small cores that run asymmetrically for power saving. This means developers will be able to run a typical desktop app on the larger cores for performance and lightweight apps on the smaller cores to save battery life.

Microsoft also recently unveiled its first Windows 10X emulator that is designed for dual-screen devices. It is designed primarily for developers to help them test their apps in the dual-screen environment. While we already learnt a lot about Windows 10X now, we are expecting to hear a lot more about Microsoft’s Android work at the company’s Build developer conference in May.

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