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The Dark Mode Of WhatsApp Official Comes To The iPhone



The Dark Mode Of Whatsapp Official Comes To The iPhone

WhatsApp took a long time to release the dark mode for Android. The android users have been enjoying the dark mode of WhatsApp for a couple of weeks since the company introduced it in the beta of the application. And after some of them have already been able to try it on that operating system, it is now time for iOS to have the ability to apply this dark mode in action.

Some users like to use dark mode in the dark because it makes their smartphone screen less bright. As a result, it reduces battery usage. Some users simply like this dark mode aesthetically. Whatever your reason, you can now put WhatsApp with the dark background.

Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that this dark mode version is not the one that everyone can install on their phones immediately. Similar to the WhatsApp dark mode for Android, this is the beta version of iOS.

Therefore, if what you want is to enjoy the dark mode from your iPhone, what you should do is be part of the WhatsApp Beta users for iOS and wait a few more days, because everything seems to indicate that soon it will be enabled for these testers

The beta tester program you must install is called TestFlight. If you want to register, you must first download the iOS app. If you want more information on how this works, then we leave the link right here. Of course, you should keep in mind that everything is in English. On the other hand, if you are already registered in the program and want to use this dark mode as soon as possible, then do not worry. This is because the wait is also not very long.

What is the Testflight App?

The Testflight mentioned above is Apple’s platform for developers to test their apps with a small group of people. It means that the access for a beta tester is as limited, especially in an application as important as WhatsApp. Therefore, there are still no captures of the dark mode of the application, but a demonstration that it would have finally arrived.

The screenshot published by MacRumors shows some users of the Testflight beta have found version to download in beta form. The notes reflect that the dark mode can already be tested, a novelty that was eagerly expected.

However, as reflected by the participants of the beta, WhatsApp is not sending all the members of Testflight the same version of the application. This will denote a very progressive advance of the famous dark mode. Without knowing when it will reach the stable version, it is a confirmation that WhatsApp has almost finished the new interface obscured.

We will keep track of the dark mode of WhatsApp for iPhone. As soon as we can test it, we will perform the relevant analysis. The Testflight beta is full, but you can always try to access it through this link (it is mandatory to have Testflight installed).

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