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Xbox’s Phil Spencer Defends Lack Of Next-Generation Console Exclusives



Xbox’s Phil Spencer Defends Lack Of Next-Generation Console Exclusives

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has spoken up on Microsoft’s decision to scrap next-generation console exclusives.

Last month, it was revealed that the upcoming Xbox Series X console will not have any exclusive games until at least a year or two after the console’s launch later this year. Instead, upcoming first-party releases such as Halo Infinite will become available on all Xbox consoles.

The news was met with backlash from some fans who claimed there was no point in upgrading if new games were made available on all consoles. This week, in a new interview with Gamertag Radio, Phil Spencer has defended Microsoft’s decision over no exclusive console launch titles.

In the interview, Spencer claimed that Microsoft is “putting the player at the centre and not putting the device at the centre” and will do so for the entire next generation. He said:

“One of the benefits that we have sitting inside of Microsoft is we’ve obviously been close to the development of what’s been going on with PC for years. I think today, we look at the PC ecosystem, we see some of the best, highest-fidelity games anywhere sitting on high-end gaming PCs, and some of those same games you’re able to run on PCs that are a few years old that have much less capability to make full use of the gaming hardware that’s in front of them.”

Microsoft’s Strategy

He continued: “Obviously, we built our strategy with Series X, we started with that in mind – we wanted to go build a gaming console that was going to be the absolute best that we could deliver on a television, and deliver unique capability to creators that they could use to go create the best games.

“But you don’t want to do that to the exclusion of everybody else and you also want to do that hand-in-hand with developers because developers want to find the widest audience possible. And yes, there are always trade-offs.

“I’m not gonna dictate to every third-party studio what they have to support, but what we see in today’s world is that gamers want to go and play games with their friends regardless of what device those friends are on, people want to have the largest selection of games open to them, and developers want to make use of the best technology that’s available. We built this plan with all three of those as inputs and we feel really good about where we are.”

Microsoft unveiled its next-generation console at The Game Awards last December, debuting a trailer that showcased the console’s design and gameplay from several upcoming games including Hellblade 2.

According to reports, the console will include an NVMe SSD and a custom-designed GPU. It also supports 8K visuals, frame rates of up to 120 fps, and ray tracing. No other specs have been announced yet. The new console is set to launch Holiday 2020 but Microsoft has yet to reveal the price of the new console.

Image credit: Microsoft – YouTube

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