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Apple Watch Already Outperforms The Entire Swiss Watch Industry



Apple Watch Already Outperforms The Entire Swiss Watch Industry

When Apple officially introduced the Apple Watch, some traditional watch companies, such as Swiss, shouted in the sky, saying that Apple had gotten into a field of which it did not know. They obviously recognized that the Apple Watch was a new player that sooner or later, it would affect them.

Four years have had to pass for the Swiss watch industry to see how the Apple Watch has become its main rival to beat. During 2019, Apple sent 30.7 million Apple Watch for 21.1 million in the watch industry. And this is only the beginning because the trend does not seem to change.

Apple Watch Keeps Getting More Sales

It does not look like changing because it is increasingly common to see how traditional watch users are beginning to adopt smartwatch as a watch. It is a watch that also offers them a series of functions that will never be available in traditional watches.

The Apple Watch is the model to be followed by all manufacturers, but not the only one that has opened the door for the Swiss watch industry to rethink where to direct its efforts.

Indeed, some of these companies such as TAG Heuer, Tissot and Swiss itself have launched different models managed by Wear OS. However, it does not seem to be a real option for users looking for such a complete smartwatch,

According to Strategy Analytics, young consumers are demanding smartwatches that offer them more features than simply checking the time. Though traditional watches are still very popular among older users. To precisely reach this type of audience, Apple introduced the fall detector with the Series 4, a fall detector that is automatically responsible for making a call to emergency services when they detect a fall, regardless of redundancy.

What Makes Apple Watch Market Grows Strong

Even so, among the reasons that explain the great growth in sales of Apple smartwatches is that while older people continue to prefer analog models, younger generations opt more for digital ones. Even though the most innovative smartwatches have added new features and have increased in price, the cost is more accessible compared to the watches of major Swiss brands.

Apple can celebrate being a leader in the smartwatch segment and continue promoting its category of wearables, home and accessories. According to its results report for the first quarter of 2020, it reported revenues of 10 billion dollars. This number is being the first time Apple Watch this business surpassed Mac. Also, the Apple company did announce that 75% of Apple Watch buyers are new users.

More Apple Watch units than Swiss watches are already sold in the world. This accessory has taken years to take off. If compared to the sudden success of the smartphone or tablet when they were launched, it can already be said that the smartwatch is already part of the consumer’s wrist.

What’s more: while the Apple Watch rose 36% last year, the Swiss industry fell 13%. The trend seems marked. The comparison is indeed debatable since in terms of price and positioning, Swiss watches are in a much higher range.

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