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Android-powered Microsoft Surface Duo Seen in Public



Android-powered Microsoft Surface Duo Seen in Public

Microsoft unveiled its Surface Duo last year, the Android device with two 5.6-inch displays and a hinge between them. The Windows maker gave pre-released units to developers to work in creating apps for the dual-screened interfaced and one of the units has been spotted in the wild. Spotted on Vancouver’s Sky Train, the device looks identical to the one showed back in October with slight changes.

There seems to be a front flash but that’s now the interesting part. It is how Android runs on the device and how it adapts on the single-screen and dual-screen use. In the video, a game can be seen running on the Surface Duo before the owner attempts to swipe away and switch to Outlook for Android.

The gesture animations looks uncompleted, but we saw two apps were opened side-by-side briefly and also one app running over both screen, something Microsoft calls “extended canvas.” The extended canvas mode won’t be the default for developers as end users will have to specifically choose to extend the app across the two displays. The default behaviour will be the apps opening individually on each display.

Microsoft hasn’t left the Surface Duo to collect dust as a side-project. It has supplied a long list of guidelines for dual-screen app developer and released a toolkit along with an emulator last month to give an idea how Android will be like on Surface Duo. The work is still in progress and will take time to polish it. The company is now holding a special developers day tomorrow to discuss more about dual-screen device and release a Windows 10X emulator for its Surface Neo devices.

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