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Google Maps Celebrates 15 Years With New Logo And More Features



Google Maps Celebrates 15 Years With New Logo And More Features

Although you don’t notice it, Google Maps has turned 15 years since the first beta version for browsers will be released back in 2005. Then, there were no smartphones that allowed us to execute with fluency an app of maps that is so complex. At that time, Google already began its intention to digitize the whole planet as well as all its activities.

Google Maps is not only about knowing where we are going, but also being informed about everything that happens around us. It does not matter if it is a restaurant, the influx of the public to a place of interest, or traffic in the area where we are going to move. Google Maps is now an essential tool for our daily activities.

New Logo And Other Changes

The first thing you see when the app of iOS or Android is updated is that the logo has changed. This is a risky step to take for a brand when it is so well known and popular.

Now, the icon that you will have to get used to is that of that pin of colors like the one we show you here:

Google Maps Celebrates 15 Years With New Logo And More Features New Icon
Google Maps Celebrates 15 Years With New Logo And More Features – New Icon

Besides changing its icon visually, the Google Maps application receives more important changes. For example, the menu at the bottom of the screen displays up to five different items.

Google Maps Invention Timeline

On February 8, 2005, Google Maps was born. It is a geolocation platform that has available maps of 220 sites between countries and territories. In a short time, it had meteoric growth. On June 28th in the same year, Google Earth arrived. This feature gives people the possibility of traveling the world in 3D. Thanks to satellite images. In November, it landed on mobile phones.

On May 29, 2007, Street View arrived to make 360-degree tours and thus have a more immersive experience. Two years later, there was a navigation mode that allows you to receive instructions in real-time to go from one place to another.

In 2012, to better capture every corner of the world, even those that are more difficult to travel, the Street View Tracker was introduced. This equipment is useful to make captures in 360. Thus, this new tool added to the cars of Google, who have been traveling and taking photos of the entire world for years.

Two years later, the Mountain View company introduced Google My Business so that business owners could have a presence on the map, including photos, business hours, and space for reviews.

In 2015, the offline mode was launched. It allows you to download the maps to be able to use them without the need of the internet. This is very useful data for travelers and for anyone looking to reduce data consumption.

In 2017, the motorcycle mode was launched, designed for those who use this type of transport. The next year, the Explore tab was redesigned so that users can find information that may be of interest to them more easily.

In 2019, the incognito mode was enabled, as well as the Live View tool to be able to make tours with augmented reality.

This 2020, and within the framework of the celebration for 15 years, Google Maps was redesigned. This is a very recent announcement that will be arriving gradually. The first step is to update the platform from Google Play or Apple Store, as appropriate. This redesign includes the navigation tabs in the lower margin to facilitate navigation.

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