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Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram Accounts Compromised, Hacker Group Claims Credit



Facebook's Twitter and Instagram Accounts Compromised, Hacker Group Claims Credit

Facebooks’s official accounts on Twitter and Instagram were temporarily taken over and then defaced by a hacker group known as OurMine. The same hackergroup last week defaced the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  accounts for the NFL, 15 NFL teams and sports TV station ESPN. These hacks took placed before the Super Bowl to gain more reputational points and media coverage.

The unauthorized tweets posted on the Twitter timelines of NFL and its teams were reportedly posted via an app named Khoros, an app used by digital marketers and public relation departments. The same app was used to post unauthorized tweets on the Facebook’s Twitter account. It mentions that Facebook is “hackable” and it’s security is better than Twitter.

The OurMine crew has a long-history of breaking into high-profile social media accounts and relishes media attention. The websites of BuzzFeed, Techcrunch and Varierty were compromised at the end of January along with twitter accounts of BBC, Playstation, Netflix, Marvel, Game of Thrones, WWE, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and New York Times. The accounts of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai were also not spared.

After the unauthorized tweet was published, Facebook still appeared to have some control of the account and deleted the tweet and posted atleast five times. Security researcher Jane Manching Wong was able to make a video of the tweets getting published and deleted in real time.

The tweet from OurMine in which they claimed responsibility tries to classify itself as a “security group” and directs users to the company’s website where it offers personal security checks of social media accounts, emails, iPhones and iCloud for $30. Facebook confirmed the “hack” in a tweet after regaining control stating “Some of our corporate social media accounts were briefly hacked but we have secured and restored access.”

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