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New Leak Reveals Details Of A Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game



New Leak Reveals Details Of A Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game

A new leak has suggested that a mobile Crash Bandicoot game may be released soon.

Since the release of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled games, which remastered some of the franchises earlier video games, there have been dozens of rumours about a brand new Crash Bandicoot video game.

New leaks from Twitter users JumpButton and Motwera have revealed that a new Crash Bandicoot game is coming. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a mobile-only game. The two Twitter users somehow uncovered a Crash mobile game from King, the developer behind Candy Crush which is owned by Activision – the firm which currently owns Crash Bandicoot.

According to the leaks, the game seems similar to the old Temple Run mobile game, an endless runner game where players are required to collect items and dodge obstacles to create high-scores.

JumpButton and Motwera managed to find marketing assets for the game, pretty much confirming its existence. The assets include a brand new Crash model and screenshots of the game with the words “Crash is now on mobile!” and “Run, jump and slide!”.

A third image shows what appears to be Wumpa Island with the words: “Build and grow your base”. This suggests that players will be able to change the island the game takes place in, but this, and the game itself, has yet to be confirmed.

A leaked description of the game discovered via Facebook Ads mentions secret passageways and states that players will be working to save “the multiverse”. The leaked screenshots also include Aku Aku and TNT crates as well as a Wumpa fruit, all of which are Crash staples.

The game hasn’t been confirmed or officially announced, but the leaked marketing assets suggest that an announcement is just around the corner.

The New Leaked Crash Game

News of the mobile game has sparked concern that its development may have affected the rumoured new console Crash Bandicoot game which leaked last year. Rumours of a remake first surfaced when a brand new mask never-seen-before appeared alongside Crash in a PlayStation advertisement.

What’s more, the advertisement also featured a brand new Crash model, different from the one used in the N. Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing games. This led to speculation that a new game was in the works.

The rumours were only cemented when a Twitter user leaked information of the supposed game which is reportedly called Crash Bandicoot Worlds. According to the leak, the game will feature a semi-open world and introduce three brand new masks.

It was then rumoured that the game would be announced at The Game Awards 2019, but it wasn’t. The game still hasn’t been confirmed, but fans are eager for a brand new console game. Following the success of the recent remasters, it seems a new console game is inevitable but it seems we’ll have to wait for the new mobile game to drop first.

Image credit: Activision YouTube

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