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Huawei Sues Verizon For Patent Infringement



Huawei Sues Verizon For Patent Infringement

Huawei announced that it is suing Verizon for alleged patent violations, marking the latest twist in the Chinese tech giant’s fight against the US. The lawsuit, filed in the Eastern and Western district courts in Texas claims that the US carrier used 12 of its patents without authorization.

The patents are related to network technology with titles like “Sending Method, Receiving and Processing Method and Apparatus for Adapting Payload Bandwidth for Data Transmission.” None of them are related to 5G but a source who requested anonymity described them as crucial to network functionality.

“Since 2015, Huawei has received more than 1.4 billion dollars in patent license fees,” the company said in a statement. “To date, it has paid over 6 billion dollars for the legitimate use of patented technologies developed by industry peers. 80 percent of these license fees have gone to companies in the United States.”

Huawei is currently the world’s biggest manufacturer of telecom equipment and often a large sum of its earning goes into R&D expenditure. Almost 15 percent of the company’s revenue which is around $15 million was used in R&D in 2018. The dispute between the two companies dates back to last year, where the Chinese company was demanding money to license more than 200 patents.

“Verizon’s product and services have benefitted from patented technology that Huawei developed over many years of research and development,” says Huawei chief legal officer Song Liuping. “For years now we have successfully negotiated patent license agreements with many companies. Unfortunately, when no agreement can be reached, we have no choice but to seek a legal remedy.”

Huawei also filed a legal challenge against the US Federal Communications Commission after the body classified the Chinese company as a security threat and barred it from a government and subsidy program. The company is “still confident” in legal proceeding in the United States, the source mentioned.

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