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Coronavirus Delays Production Of New ‘Animal Crossing’ Switch



Coronavirus Delays Production Of New ‘Animal Crossing’ Switch

The production of the new Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch console has been delayed.

Last week, Nintendo announced an Animal Crossing Switch bundle due to release alongside upcoming game Animal Crossing: New Horizons next month. However, a new announcement from Nintendo has led to disappointment after the game publisher and console manufacturer revealed that production has been delayed due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Production of the new console is taking place in China where the coronavirus first surfaced and continues to wreak havoc, having reportedly taken over 500 lives and infected over 20,0000 people.

Nintendo revealed the news in a post on its official Japanese website, apologising for the postponement for pre-order for the console bundle in Japan. According to reports who have translated the announcement, shipments of the console in Asia have been pushed back and the original pre-order date of February 8th has been delayed to “to be decided”.

What’s more, the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch case and Switch Lite case, which were also announced last week, have also been delayed with no exact dates provided. It’s still unclear whether these delays will affect the release of the game and console worldwide, or just in the Japanese region.

The news comes after Nintendo announced on their Japanese website that they were experiencing hardware and accessory shortages in Japan due to production delays in China because of the virus outbreak.

It’s also been reported that the coronavirus led Blizzard to cancel Overwatch League matches in February and March in China to reduce the risk of infection. Similarly, matches for the League Of Legends in China was also delayed.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon Save Files

As Nintendo continues to drip-feed more news of the upcoming instalment in the Animal Crossing franchise, fans have voiced concern and disappointment over Nintendo’s stance over the game’s save files.

The New Horizon game does not support cloud saves and save files cannot be transferred between consoles as a means to deter players from time travelling. This means that if players lose their console, buy a new one, have it stolen or have their system break, they will lose their save file and town and will be unable to get it back.

A recent statement from Nintendo Japan, however, has suggested that the company is working on implementing a cloud save option for players. According to the firm, the option may only be available to Nintendo Switch Online users. It hasn’t been implemented or officially announced yet, and Nintendo has promised to keep players updated.

What’s more, players were left disappointed when it was discovered that New Horizons will only support one island per console. A description on the game’s Australian page reads: “Please note: only one island can exist per Nintendo Switch console, irrespective of the number of users registered to or copies of the game used on one console. One Nintendo Switch and one copy of the game is required for each unique island.”

We and all other Animal Crossing fans hope Nintendo makes a decision regarding the game’s save files soon since the game’s due out in just over a month. Keep checking back for more.

Photo Credit: Nintendo UK YouTube

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