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Apple Will No Longer Charge Twice For The Same App For Mac And iOS



Apple Will No Longer Charge Twice For The Same App For Mac And iOS

Buying apps on Apple now has a universal use. Therefore, if you buy (for example) an app in the Mac App Store, you can also use it in your iOS devices.

There is already software that allows you to “unify” in some way Apple’s main systems: macOS and iOS. It is not a mystery that Apple wants to bring greater compatibility between the two systems and further unify its software. Therefore, it prepares what is known as a universal app purchase.

The beta version of Xcode 11.4 has revealed that Apple will enable the universal purchase of apps between systems. It means that if we are going to buy apps on a specific system (for example, from macOS to iOS and vice versa) it will also be obtained by other systems, such as iOS. Of course, if the developers want it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Universal App Purchase

It’s something similar to what happens with the universal apps that already exist; Multiplatform apps have a unique buying factor. If we buy them, we will have access to them on any platform. However, Apple goes a step further to be able to unify these two systems, beyond the well-known Apple Catalyst apps.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has sighted the feature on Twitter. As we have said, thanks to this innovation, developers will now be able to enable universal purchase. As a result, if we buy an app for one system, we will have it for others.

This new feature does not replace the one that current developers already had; They can sell and distribute different versions of their separate apps compatible with which platforms, in case they want to monetize the versions of their apps for iOS, macOS and iPad. However, universal apps are much more common.

On the other hand, it could be negative for companies that develop these apps. Universal sales would mean one of two things. One, companies will have to increase prices to compensate for the lack of double income for different versions of their project. Or, they will be forced to disable this option, and potentially be viewed badly by the public. The brand will have to work closely with the developers for this option.

Final Thoughts

This move is aimed at encouraging developers to create more Catalyst apps since these purchases will be enabled by default in Xcode 11.4. Besides, developers can add these universal purchases to the apps available for Mac right now.

Catalyst apps are used to facilitate the transfer of apps from iOS to macOS (those based on Apple’s UlKit framework) without having to rewrite all the information already made. With this measure, Apple ensures that both systems, iOS, and macOS have an even greater integration than Catalyst apps, which were introduced as a test in macOS 10.14.

We must remember that although this option comes by default, it will be the developers who have the last word and decide if they want to use these universal purchases or prefer to separate their apps and distribute them for each of Apple’s systems.

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