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Sony PS5 trailer for PlayStation hardcore gamers



Sony PS5 trailer for PlayStation hardcore gamers

Although many functions are already known for both the new game console and the updated DualShock 5 controller, the design of the PS5 is still a big mystery. In August last year, LetsGoDigital discovered a patent for an unknown PlayStation console. Not much later, it became clear that it was the PS5 Development Kit, which developers use to program new games. Afterwards, this Dev Kit has been frequently featured on the internet.

We are now half a year further, and we have seen numerous PS5 concepts. Most of which are based on gamers’ wishes and not so much on facts. That is not surprising because there are still very few facts available regarding the design of the new game console.

Microsoft presented the design of the Xbox Series X for the first time at The Game Awards in December last year. Sony, on the other hand, has still not provided any information regarding the design. No official trailer has been launched yet either.

PlayStation 5 video Trailer

Due to the lack of official images, our a 3D designer Giuseppe Spinelli, aka Snoreyn, made an impressive video animation as ‘advance notice’ for the PS5. This time, the video images are not based on the patents of the Dev Kit and the DS5 controller, this is simply what we would like to see from Sony.

For example, Sony will add extra grip buttons to the rear of the controller, which will naturally entail additional functions that will appeal to hardcore gamers. For example, consider a racing game such as Gran Turismo, where you can easily change gears with the extra buttons.

This releases the L2 R2 triggers and can be used to accelerate / brake accurately. This will also add value to other games, such as making it easier to switch weapons or shooting targets with a shooting game.

And then there are of course the pressure-sensitive buttons, which were present with the PS2 and PS3, but not with the PS4. We hope to see this again at the PS5. We also hope that it will be easier to connect multiple DualShock controllers to the console, this may be difficult with the PlayStation 4. Attentive gamers will also find some influences from Xbox, Nacon and Razer in the video.

What do we know about the PS5 and the DualShock 5 controller?

With the new gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, console gaming will be lifted to an unprecedented level. Games will look even better and more realistic. Moreover, the 3D sound will contribute to an extra immersive gaming experience.

During CES 2020, Sony held a press conference in which five important functions of the PS5 were discussed, namely: an ultra-high-speed SSD, 3D audio, hardware-based Ray tracing, an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc and finally a new one controller with haptic and adaptive triggers.

It is now known that the DS5 will get an almost identical design as its predecessor. Nevertheless, extra functions may be added. For example, haptic and adaptive triggers must ensure that gamers receive much better tactile feedback. It feels different if you shoot with a bow, arrow, or with a gun. Or when you walk through a water hole or the grass. The new triggers will give you the feeling that you are actually there.

Photo Credits; LetsGoDigital

Analytics Twitter Hashtag #PS5

Based on the recent annoucement we started a small analysis on Twitter how the hashtag #PS5 performs. The response on total was 12K tweets ramping up to the first annoucemennt is the PS5 page. From the 12K tweets we analysed the top 1K tweets.

Analytics Twitter Hashtag #PS5
Analytics Twitter Hashtag #PS5

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