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Adorable Home reached 2 million downloads comes with 5 giveaways



Adorable Home reached 2 million downloads comes with giveaways 2A

HyperBeard Games launched Adorable Home earlier on January and has become one of the biggest releases in their history. Today, much less than a month after its release, Hyperbeard reports that Adorable Home has reached 2 million downloads across the world!

The love for the game and support from its thriving community has been crucial in the success of this charming experience. Hyperbeard likes you to be part of this, so to celebrate, Hyperbeard is offering gift codes for 5 of to readers, and viewers of this website.

One of these websites is OnTechEdge. To apply – please send us an email requesting the Adorable Home Hyperbeard giveaway. OnTechEdge will be using first come first serve policy. OnTechEdge will only give away 5 gift codes in total and will not publish any communication of the receivers of gift codes. Hyperbeard gift code policies apply.

The gift code can be redeemed in the settings menu of Adorable Home for ‘Love’, the game’s currency.

Adorable Home keeps updating

Hyperbeard is pleased to say that more content is on the works. The game has already received an update improving performance for many users and introducing a revamped shop.

Future content updates will add more rooms to your home, a much requested feature by many players. These will include a bathroom and a bedroom, and one of them is coming in February. Of course, it’s all free.

This game explores mature themes of love, marriage and sexuality and is not appropriate for children below the age of 13.

Update; as of February 20th 2020 the game Adorable Home has been downloaded 5M times.

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