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Steel Series Rival 710 Mouse Review



SteelSeries Rival 710 Mouse Review 2

Pro gamers will know that the most crucial and fundamental component of a gaming rig is the mouse. Competitive players will know that precise tracking and accuracy of a mouse is very important. A matter of milliseconds can decide the player’s fate as a victory or defeat. 

Especially in shooting games, the mice need to track precisely and perfectly for the player to maneuver around and shoot the enemy. The response time of the mice’s sensors also plays a great role in competitive games. Say a player with a low-quality sensor is up against a player with a high-quality sensor. Keeping the skills of the player aside, the one with a better sensor will always win due to faster and precise tracking. A matter of milliseconds can decide either you get headshot by the enemy or you headshot the enemy.

Let’s come back to the basics of a mouse. What needs to be necessary for any mouse? What is the feature that everyone needs regardless of whether they play games or not? Well, it is the ergonomics. Mice is the most used component of a PC.

Whenever you are on your PC, you are using the mice the most. With this said, the mice need to be ergonomically comfortable to hold. If the mouse’s shape is not comfortable, you’ll feel fatigued very fast. A normal user needs this basic necessity, while gamers require it.

Introduction of the Steel Series Rival 710

Introducing Rival 710 from Steel Series. This is a mouse that is far better than the top tier mouse’s from other manufacturers. Be it Logitech or Razer. This mouse due to its additional features stands out from the crowd.

What’s so special in it you may be thinking? Well, what if I told you that it comes with an OLED screen. Yes, an OLED display built into a mouse. You might be thinking that it has no use at all, but it surely does have some benefit. 

Every other gaming mice is the same. The same ergonomic build, the same switches, the same sensor and packed into a body with RGB. Gamers have gotten bored with this traditional design. Here Steel Series shines with the OLED screen and tactile feedback. Yes, you can physically feel the feedback of whatever is happening in the game. You can map this to certain actions too.

This was just a brief overview. Let’s dive deeper into this mouse and look at its features.

Design and Build

Right out of the box you’ll find the mice itself along with two cables. The first is a meter long non-braided cable and the other is 2 meters long non-braided cable.

The mouse is covered not with plastic. With buying such a premium device you should expect premium materials and Steel Series delivers. It is built from a pretty soft material that feels good. Holding the mouse itself feels comfy as the mouse is big.

Being big is not a bad point. With features like an OLED display and haptic engine for feedbacks, it needed to be big. It also has swappable components which we’ll discuss further. Due to this reason, the size is bigger than normal mice, but it is still comfortable to hold.

SteelSeries Rival 710 Mouse Review 2
SteelSeries Rival 710 Mouse Review

The ergonomics of this device are on point. You can easily use it for long gaming marathons and you’ll never feel fatigued at all. Simply holding it feels really easy on the hand. This is a plus point because most large mice are not comfortable but with this, you need not worry.

It houses an OLED screen on the left side where you can see notifications. It has got a total of 8 buttons which is not much. The front houses the Steel Series logo along with RGB lighting. No gaming device is complete without RGB and that’s a fact.

Mouse Sensor

This mouse uses the old sensor from Rival 600. It houses the True Move 3 sensor which may be old but performs well. Rival 710’s CPI is limited to 12,000 which is not bad but some mice have 16,000 CPI.

The sensor has perfect tracking and buttery smooth maneuvering. You can enjoy your favorite games with this due to the precise tracking. The True Move 3 sensor allows 1:1 tracking which means you’ll be getting accurate tracking on any CPI settings.

There are no tracking errors at all and no lags or delays.

Games like PUBG and Fortnite is where this shines. You can physically feel the bullets being fired. With such high accuracy, you’re sure to get the headshot that leads to victory.

OLED Screen included

As mentioned earlier it is built on the left side. On it, you can receive useful information from the game without looking at the game. Information like health and remaining ammo might be useful. You can also receive notifications directly from discord while playing.

Haptic Motor

Now with the built-in haptic motor, you can feel the game in your hands. The mouse is upgraded to give you a physical feeling of shots being fired as if you are holding a gun. You can set it to any task like when reloading your gun or shooting, etc.


The Rival 710 uses mechanical switches which themselves give you tactile feedback. Other than that they are very durable and are rated for 60 Million clicks. In a nutshell, your mouse is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Modular Components

This mice like no other comes with swappable components like the sensor, cover, and cable. This is useful like if your cable breaks, you can simply swap it. If there is a new sensor release, simply swap it in. Modularity is the strongest point of this device.


In a nutshell, this is the best of the best from the Steel Series. You can’t go wrong with this one but it does have some cons.

The OLED screen and haptic engine may seem like a gimmick for some. Others can find uses of it.

Whatever the case, considering its price you should go for Rival 710.

In Amazon store: SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse – 16,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor – OLED Display – Tactile Alerts – RGB Lighting

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