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Grand Theft Auto 5 Is The Best-Selling Game Of The Decade, Rockstar Reveals



Grand Theft Auto 5 Is The Best-Selling Game Of The Decade, Rockstar Reveals

Rockstar has revealed some jaw-dropping record-breaking sales numbers.

The studio revealed this week that its Grand Theft Auto V video game is the best-selling video game of the decade in US dollars, according to sales data from NPD. What’s more, the open-world video game also won BBC’s Game of the Decade via the UK’s GFK charts which track physical sales.

A report from Business Wire states that Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best-selling video game of the past four years in US dollars. Combined, both Red Dead 2 and GTA V have sold more than 150 million units since launch.

The records don’t stop there, however, as monthly player records for GTA Online were topped in December due to the release of the Diamond Casino & Resort update in July 2019 and the eagerly awaited Diamond Casino Heist in December 2019.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode has also been highly successful too as it broke its monthly player count in December with the Moonshiners update and then again in January 2020.

The last 12 months also saw GTA V break a record for the number of views on YouTube for videos based on the game. According to Rockstar, December 30th, 2019, to January 5th, 2020, was the studio’s biggest seven-day period.

Celebrating The Achievements

To celebrate the achievements, Rockstar has announced that it will be giving players big rewards in both games.

In GTA Online, players can earn GTA$1,000,000 by logging in between January 30th and February 5th. Then, between February 6th and February 12th, players can earn another $1,000,000.

In Red Dead Online, players will receive several gifts. In a blog post on the Rockstar website, the studio revealed that players will receive special access to select roles as well as giveaways and the following:

The Gunslinger’s Cache: Between January 28th and February 3rd, players can receive a Free Schofield Revolver, a Free Varmint Rifle, and the Devastating Ammo Bundle which includes 100x Split Point Revolver Ammo, 100x High-Velocity Pistol Ammo, 100x Express Repeater Ammo, 100x Slug Shotgun Ammo, and 20x Explosive Rifle Ammo.

The Bounty Hunter’s Kit: Between February 4th and 10th, players can receive a Free Bounty Hunter license, 25x Bolas, and 25x Tracking Arrows.

Rockstar ended the announcement by stating that more was to come in 2020 for both games. Speaking about GTA Online, Rockstar said: “Next up for GTA Online is the addition of an open-wheel racing series featuring all-new vehicle types – with tense, high speed, track-based racing where tight cornering, tactical tire choices and perfectly timed pit stops make every second count.”

Then, touching on Red Dead Online, Rockstar added: “As we have hinted at in the past, the world of Red Dead Online will also continue to grow in 2020 as we expand the concept of Frontier Pursuits with additional roles, new missions and many more significant updates to come.”

Image credit: Rockstar Games

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