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Gaming is done on many platforms. It is done on many types of consoles. On mobiles and PCs. With so many options out there it is difficult to choose one. Yes, you can get all the options but that is a hassle within itself.

Gaming started as time pass. Slowly it transitioned into competitive gaming. Now hundreds and thousands of people worldwide watch and play competitive matches that have a lot of prize money. These matches are also telecasted on TV for everyone to enjoy. Competitive gaming is done on many different devices and consoles too. 

Consoles compatibility

Well from the old days of PS1 and Gameboy we all can relate to the nostalgia. That was a great era and the games were not of very high quality but were surely entertaining. Slowly many more consoles started to role in. Wii made their mark too at the start. Similarly, many more consoles started to come out in various form factors and sizes.

The issue was that these consoles were not cross-compatible. Meaning that the games of a PS2 would not run on an Xbox 360. This was the main issue of cross-compatibility. Due to this sole reason people would only buy a single console and play only the game that was available on it. You can’t possibly keep all the mainstream consoles, and carry them with you all the time. Or can you?

Well, the first issue is that how do you plug so many consoles to a single TV or LED. Of course, you’re going to use a single TV or LED. Other than that how are you going to manage cables? How do you place your consoles? Well, a brilliant solution arose from Origin, which we’ll be discussing further below.

Combining hardware with mainstream consoles

Gaming PC’s have also taken a big step forward with reaching 100+ frames on a 4k resolution. This is due to the improved CPU and GPU each year. Optimization of games also plays a role but mainly the hardware is the main reason. Well, what if you wanted to combine your PC with other mainstream consoles?

Does it sound like a fantasy? Well, it should because it is just too good to be believable. Origin has come up with a gaming rig that houses a full-blown PC along with other mainstream consoles. Which consoles does it house? Well, let’s discuss this.

Introducing the Big O from Origin

Introducing Big O from Origin! On the celebration of Origins 10th anniversary, they have introduced a gaming rig that houses a PC, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and a Nintendo switch. With all the latest consoles paired with a high powered PC, this is the ultimate dream for an enthusiastic gamer.

With all these consoles and a full-blown PC at your hands, you can enjoy any game, on any console you want. This is very appealing and convenient for people who like to game on different consoles. It removes the cable management and removes the issue of stacking consoles on top of another.

Introducing the Big O of Origin

Origin used their Genesis chassis to fit all these components in it. Of course, it was not feasible to just cram the consoles inside the chassis as they would not fit.

What Origin did was an experiment and test different ways to cram these consoles inside the chassis. What they came up with was removing the circuitry from all the consoles and placing them naked inside the chassis. Just like a motherboard. This proved useful as the result was a success. All components fit perfectly and they did not have to compromise on anything when building this rig. This is the ultimate fantasy of any gamer and the ultimate rig that you can go buy for yourself right now. As a cherry on top, it is customizable too according to your needs. Let’s talk specs now.

High Tier Gaming PC

Well, when building the ultimate machine, you have to use the ultimate components for everything. That fits right for the PC as well. The PC is packed with the powerful Intel Core i9 9900k which is further overclocked able. The GPU it uses is the ludicrous NVidia Titan RTX. With this pair, you are sure to enjoy the smoothest and fastest performance on any game.

Pair your rig with a 144 Hz panel and play games on 4k at ultra-settings. There is a reason this is a fantasy rig for gamers. The other features include 64 GB ram, x2 2TB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe drives. Further, a massive 14 TB Seagate drive to store large files.

It uses a 1000 Watt EVGA power supply to power all the consoles along with the PC. This power supply is powerful enough to power all those devices.

PS4 Pro

You can see a naked PS4 Pro with blue aesthetics all around it. It comes with a custom 2 GB Seagate Barracuda SSD so all the games load as fast as possible.

Xbox One X

Similar to PS4, you can see a naked Xbox One X that is aligned with green aesthetics all around, matching the color of its logo. It too comes with a custom 2 GB Seagate Barracuda SSD. We all know the loading speed of SSD’s.

Nintendo Switch

This was a technical issue as the dock of the Nintendo had to be visible to users at all times for them to play it. What Origin did is housed that dock in the front part of the chassis. It is an engineering marvel indeed.

Water Cooled

All these components when crammed into a tight space will surely heat up. Origin uses custom CRYOGENIC hardline liquid cooling that is controlled and powered by the PC. This water cooling is not just for the PC. It also cools the other consoles as well.

With this solution, you can be sure this rig will not overheat no matter how much stress you put it through.


With such high tier hardware packed into a single body, you are sure to expect a higher price than normal. This is for the extreme enthusiasts only. So go buy yourself one if you are indeed a die-hard gamer.

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