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WhatsApp Releases Dark Mode on Android



WhatsApp Releases Dark Mode on Android

Rumors about the dark mode of WhatsApp have been going on for almost an eternity. Finally, it seems that this option is about to become a reality. Dark mode can now be enabled on Android devices with the latest beta update of the instant messaging application. You can find it on the version 2.20.13 introduced in the Play Store.

However, this dark mode is not exactly the same as we are used to seeing in other applications, where the background turns completely black thanks to the Oled mode. As some media point out, the “absolute” black mode may arrive in the future. This mode allows greater battery savings when using a phone with an OLED display.

Facebook announced at the beginning of last December that it was hiddenly preparing the function, something that many users had long expected. Initially, they explained that this mode would be activated automatically when the user activates the energy-saving settings.

As of this launch, you can only enable it manually.  Users of Android Pie and later versions can also enable it manually. They can also activate it by enabling the battery saving mode.

The news has been very well received in general by users who have been able to activate the dark mode. At the moment, the dark mode is not available for iOS although more than a year ago. However, it is rumored that WhatsApp would also be preparing it for Apple users.

How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on Android

It is expected that the function arrives in the coming weeks to all smartphones. However, if the update does not appear, you must sign up as a ‘beta tester’ of WhatsApp on Android.

Being a ‘beta tester’ means you will have the option to try the feature before anyone else. Although, as a beta tester, you may suffer the dreaded bugs, you will have the option of informing WhatsApp of these failures.

To sign up as a tester, you will have to do it on the website which you must access through the web. Over there, you will have to press the ‘Become a tester’ button. From there, you will have to update the application again and you can already enjoy the privileges of being a tester. In the Google Play Store, you can check that the word ‘tester’ appears on your profile.

Once you have updated, enter the app menu by clicking on the three ellipses that you will find on the right. Press Settings and enter Chats. When you enter the Chats configuration options, you must enter the ‘Theme’ section that will be the first one on the list.=

Within ‘Theme,’ you will have three options that the application offers you for being a tester. To activate the dark mode on Android, select the Dark option and press OK to confirm it. From that moment, the entire application will appear in a dark version, including conversations and the different menus.

On the other hand, if we enable the universal dark mode in the Android 10 system, it will be automatically applied in WhatsApp.

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