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LG Is Working on The Weirdest Folding Phone We Know So Far



LG Is Working on The Weirdest Folding Phone We Know So Far

The LG G8x was one of the first foldable cell phones on the market. However, the display can only be expanded with a hinge in the middle. Therefore, it does not have the sought-after infinity effect that competing models from Samsung and Huawei can offer. Now that fans are already familiar with the chic design of foldable cell phone displays, the South Korean company is shaking out a new idea for the next LG cell phone.

So far, there are three types of folding phones from other manufacturers we know:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which folds in and has an external glass screen for use with one hand, and sees notifications.
  • The Royole Flexpai and the Huawei Mate X, which have a single screen that folds out and can be used both open and closed.
  • And the Motorola Razr, which recovers the clamshell format with an internal screen that is displayed vertically and an external glass screen.

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) had received a patent from LG Electronics for a ‘rollable mobile phone’. It is a roll-up smartphone that is equipped with a large flexible touchscreen. The design has been published on Dutch News Portal LetsGoDigital in sequence.

The first, and perhaps the strangest, came to light in a December 2018 patent. It could be described as a rolling telephone capable of extending to reach the dimensions of a tablet. It has a small screen on edge to show notifications, date, time and battery charge.

This other one has the format of a normal telephone when folded. However, it has a huge two-spring mechanism to extend the panel to one side. It seems robust and leaves no gap when closed. With cameras on both sides, you can take stereoscopic photos to achieve a three-dimensional effect.

The more striking view comes from this folding triptych type smartphone with two screens, one of them is flexible. When fully deployed, it has an area larger than that of the folding devices already available, but by having two hinges, in two movements, you can reduce its size to that of a normal telephone.

LG Is Working on The Weirdest Folding Phone We Know So Far

This design has a single flexible screen the size of a tablet, but it can fold over two folds until it reaches the size of a phone. Besides, it comes with a stylus to take advantage of that duality tablet-phone.

In this other concept, the folding screen is removable. It is a flexible panel that can be attached to the main screen of the device as if it were a case. The accessory supports different configurations, either using the deployed secondary display or in half, hiding the other half behind the phone.

Finally, this July 2019 patent describes a foldable phone with an enveloping screen and an accordion hinge. The funny thing is that it has a large edge above, which makes it difficult to grip in the natural position of the phone.

As of now, we do not have any official confirmation which model LG will distribute on the market. However, some media believe that one of these models will come at CES 2020. 

Photo credits: LetsGoDigital

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