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Playstation 5 Final Design Leaked on Social Networks



Playstation 5 Final Design Leaked on Social Networks

After Microsoft has introduced Xbox Series X, PlayStation fans await Sony’s announcement regarding the PS5. For now, the Japanese company has not offered official clues about this project that will revolutionize the video game industry.

However, an image of the commercial design the new console would have has just appeared on social networks. Of course, it has drawn a lot of attention.

Just as it happened with the previous editions before its official launch, the Internet has been in charge of circulating the aspects of the next consoles Sony would have. Obviously, most of these have been false and in the case of the new PS5. However, many forum users mentioned that it would be a leak.

Playstation 5 Final Design - Photo Credit AardvarkSwift
Playstation 5 Final Design

Although this image has gone viral on the Internet, Sony still does not show even the smallest detail of its photo.

Special Features of PS5 We Know So Far

At CES 2020, Sony has made a summary of the main technical data of PS5, and yet the most revealing are the statements of Jim Ryan, the CEO of PlayStation.

In an interview given to the Business Insider, he commented that ” 3D audio as well as haptic feedback from the remote are things that surprise you by the great change they entail. You will feel significant difference using PlayStation 5 controller when playing a racing game like Gran Turismo Sport,”

This is where the great unknown has come to clear. But, did you know?  There are still more unique elements of PlayStation 5 that will separate it from previous consoles. The ‘biggest differences’ in there are still mystery.

Capacity and connections

At the moment, Sony has confirmed that PS5 will have a Solid State Drive (SSD) that will make it faster to launch games. The control commands can be connected via USB type C. Unfortunately, we do not know the capacity of the disk will be – which directly affects the sale price of the console. The connection ports of the console also remained unknown.

We cannot simply refer to the HDMI output or the digital optical audio port. Keep in mind that the console could integrate an input to connect PlayStation Camera (necessary for the use of the PSVR virtual reality device) and even the headset itself (and thus avoid the extra processor). We will know all the PS5 connection ports when the console design is officially revealed.

Pre-Installed Games

We already know some games that will reach PS5. However, none of them is among the exclusive launch games. First-party studios mostly develop them.

Of course, we will not have Naughty Dog (immersed in the development of The Last of Us 2) or Sucker Punch Studios games, which sign the next Ghost of Tsushima for PS4. However, we can expect that Santa Monica Studios arrives on time with A game after the God of War.

PS5 Release Date and Official Price

PS5 will go on sale at Christmas 2020  (in the Christmas sales season, which starts a few weeks before). It is almost certain that it will be on sale before  Black Friday, which will take place on November 27.

There is also no final price for PlayStation 5, but different analysts have tried to establish how much Sony’s next console will cost. Of course, an important part of the price is defined by the capacity of the SSD hard disk

Assuming that it is a 1 Tb drive, such as the one that already incorporates the PS4 PRO model, and taking into account the price of the components that incorporate, we bet for a price of around 499 dollars in the United States.

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