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ASUS Rog Swift 360 Hz Monitor Review



ASUS Rog Swift 360 Hz Monitor Review

Are you an e-sports player who plays at events? Do you play at events competitively? Then you should know how important a high refresh rate screen is. The frames make all the difference while gaming. Higher the refresh rates, the higher your response time will be. This has been studied that higher refresh rate screens correlate with the high response time. Even though the difference is small but it is still there.

How much of frames per second enough for you. With how many frames will your eyes be satisfied? To enjoy your game to the fullest how many frames do you need. It’s been quite some time since the 60 frames per second mark were set as the optimal limit for a smooth gaming experience. Since 60 frames per second, there has been great improvement in the refresh rate sector of gaming monitors.

The shift from 60 Hz panel to a 144 Hz panel is greatly noticeable. The games run buttery smooth on 144 Hz panel as compared to a 60 Hz panel. This shift is beneficial for casual gamers as they enjoy the game with higher frames that lead to greater gaming experience overall.

For competitive gamers this is advantageous too as the frames are higher, their response time will be slightly better. This slightly increased response time is all that matters when you are playing at a competitive level and due to more frames, you can get the kill that decides your victory.

After 144 Hz came 240 Hz panels that were even faster. These were criticized a bit because the difference between 240 and 144 was not very noticeable. The price was as expected higher than 144 Hz panels. Higher is not always better.

240 Hz was not enough that ASUS launched their latest, ludicrous 360 Hz, monitors. They house crazy fast refresh rates and make e-sports gamers’ mouth water. Is higher better or is this just a marketing strategy? More details below.

ASUS Rog Swift 360 Hz Monitor Backside
ASUS Rog Swift 360 Hz Monitor Backside

ASUS Rog Swift 360 Hz fastest e-sports gaming monitor?

ASUS has released the fastest e-sports gaming monitor and they are boasting on it. They are not wrong as this is the first monitor to house a mind-boggling 360 Hz refresh rate panel. This was developed by the collaboration of NVIDIA and ASUS together. The refresh rate is unparalleled as no other gaming monitor provides such a high refresh rate.

The Swift 360 Hz comes with a 24.5” screen size. The monitor is built for professional gamers specifically and the design aesthetic is on point. If you’re switching from a 60 Hz or 144 Hz monitor to this, you’ll be sure to notice massive motion clarity and buttery smooth frames. This will improve the overall gaming experience.

The screen is a 1080p panel. The overall images are bright and clear. You can enjoy games on it but paying so much for such a high refresh rate is just not right for some people. There is a category who should buy this but they are very small in number.

360 Hz for Casual Gamers?

Well, let’s set something straight that higher is not always better in every case. Let’s talk about general gamers first. These type of gamers just enjoy their game and want decent frames that increase their gaming experience. The switch from 144 Hz to 240 Hz is very difficult to notice with a naked eye for a gamer. There is a difference but it is so subtle that paying more money for a 240 Hz screen is not worth it if you are a casual gamer.

For a casual gamer, 144 Hz is more than enough to enjoy buttery-smooth gameplay. For them going to 240 Hz is major overkill. They should stick to 60 Hz if they’re on a budget and if they have spare cash they can go for 240 Hz.

What about 360 Hz then? Well, 360 Hz is just too much for casual gamers. To reach these high frames they will need very high hardware which they would not be able to afford if they are on a tight budget. They would require to replace their CPU and GPU to a more powerful one.

Who is 360 Hz for?

Well, as e-sports events are becoming more and more famous with new games coming out, what e-sports players need is the highest refresh rate monitor there is. You might be thinking that such high frames are not beneficial for them. Well based on a study published by NVIDIA, the flick shot accuracy difference between 240 Hz and 360 Hz is 4%. This may seem very minor to you but in competitive games, you need every edge that you can get. A difference of mere milliseconds can decide whether you die or your opponent dies. Victory and defeat dangle by a difference of milliseconds.

With Swift 360 Hz, every professional e-sports player would opt for this. In events, the prize money is usually in the thousand dollars range. There also millions of people who watch these events. With so much on the line, this is the monitor to go with.

Applied Ghosting

Increasing the refresh rate affects the displays’ backlight timing. If the backlight timing can’t keep up then you’ll be getting ghosting.

Ghosting is artificial previous screens that are still visible on the current frame. For such high refreshing, you need to provide the liquid crystal enough voltage so it can twist and untwist with high accuracy.

Final Verdict

This is not just a gimmick. It is pushing the limits of technology. With 360 Hz released, it will cause the other monitors to drop their prices.

The monitor is expected to come at around $600. If you have got a hole burning in your pocket, why not buy this monitor.

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