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ASUS Rog Phone II Next Step in Mobile Gaming



ASUS Rog Phone II Next Step in Mobile Gaming

Are you someone looking to buy a new phone? Do you want a phone that houses top tier specs that are useful for gamers? Do you want a high tier gaming phone? Well for many years phones were not marketed as gaming phones specifically. The reason being that almost all flagships came with the latest processor chip and latest graphics processing. For many years a mobile phone was just a glass slab. Nothing exceptional about it to call it a gaming phone.

This carried on until ASUS launched its Rog phone. This changed how you see a gaming phone. It was just not top tier specs that were packed into a phone. It was much more than that. The trend carried on and many other brands started releasing their phones that were specifically targeted at gamers. As mobile games like PUBG, Fortnite and many other games were trending, these gaming phones took off.

Creating a gaming phone is difficult because you have to add many extra features to it that can be helpful to gamers while playing games. These features include high refresh rate screens, larger screens, bigger speakers, etc. The design aesthetic also needs to be a gamer type. Gamer type in the sense, like it, has to house RGB lighting, and the design has to be an overkill. ASSU is pushing hard to cramp all the top tier hardware into a body that is optimal for gamers in every aspect.

ASUS Rog Phone II Fastest on the Market

Introducing the latest from ASUS, their Rog Phone II that is the upgrade to their first model. This phone is one of the fastest on the market as of now. Let’s shift our focus from gaming to the phone like a normal daily driver. It houses the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus which is the fastest processor to date. Pair it with 12 GB of ram and UFS 3.0 storage and you have yourself the fastest and snappiest phone.

Using the phone as a daily driver is overkill but the features its packs can enhance your daily use experience. The screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Scrolling through your favorite apps feels buttery smooth. The screen is AMOLED with a resolution of 1080p and everything looks crystal sharp on it.

Media consumption is on point too as it also houses 2 front-facing speakers. More details on these features below.

ASUS Rog Phone II Backside

Design & Aesthetics

Being a gaming phone in needs to stand out. Let’s start from the back. It houses a grill on the back that is there for aesthetics. It also houses two cameras in an aesthetical cutout.

Coming to the front, the screen is quite big to make you enjoy the games fully. It houses a camera on the right corner along with two front-facing speakers. In a nutshell, it is beautifully crafted and is a wonder of engineering that will dazzle your eyes for sure. If you’re in public the people around you are sure to notice it.

Main Display

This can be called the main selling point of this device. With a refresh rate of mind whopping 120 Hz. Most gaming monitors don’t house a 120 Hz display and you’re getting one on a mobile phone. Reading this spec on paper is so much different than viewing and using the display yourself. Moving from a traditional 60 Hz screen to this 120 Hz screen is just a big leap. All your usual apps work so much faster. Scrolling through apps like Instagram and Facebook feels buttery smooth. After using this display and going back to your old one will feel like a massive downgrade.

The screen as discussed earlier is a 1080p panel with 391-pixel density. This resolution is not a competition to greater 1440p panels but it is enough. The content and games on it look flawless with sharp colors and good contrast. Being an AMOLED panel, the blacks look dark black and whites look very white.

Built-in Air Triggers

It houses built-in air triggers. Now you need not buy these triggers separately. These triggers can be mapped to do specific tasks in the game such as shoot or reload. You can designate any action to it. They are on each side on the top when in landscape mode. These are capacitive touch sensors and work quite well as they give you an edge in the game.

Accessories not included

The Rog does not come with all accessories. You need to buy them separately. That being a negative point, the accessories are built specifically for this device. They connect to the US-C port on the side of the phone.

Firstly is the Kunai Gamepad. This will cost you $149. This gamepad essentially turns your device into a Nintendo switch. It comes with a phone case and the controllers slip on the sides of it. It connects through the orange USB-C ports that are specially designed for these accessories. It enhances your gaming experience.

Next is the TwinView Dock. This is the ultimate accessory. The phone fits into the case and you’ve got yourself a second screen. Not just any screen but an OLED 120 Hz panel that can be used for games. It also comes with an additional 5000mAh battery and a small fan under it. You can watch videos on Netflix whole you do some other task on the phone’s screen. This will cost you about $329.99.

AeroActive is a small fan that slightly holds the temperature down. Some may call it a gimmick too.

The WiGig lets you stream content to an external screen via Qualcomm’s 60 GHz Wi-Fi band. It is simple and very easy to set up. Finally a mobile desktop dock. Connect your phone to this dock and connect the dock to a monitor to have yourself a personal computer. Well, it’s not a perfect computer but lets you stream 4k at 60fps.


Every game runs flawlessly on this device as it’s a powerhouse in every aspect. Do go for it if you’re an enthusiastic gamer.

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