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Android 11 makes its first appearances in Google Pixel 4



Android 11 makes its first appearances in Google Pixel 4

When most manufacturers are updating their phones to Android 10, Google, as expected, is already testing the new version on their phones. Though there are still several months left for your announcement, and it is still in full development phase.

In August 2019, Android 10, the latest update of the Google company’s operating system, officially arrived. Of course, the company would already be working on the next version to start a beta phase; in this case, it would be called Android 11.

The operating system has been seen in a GeekBench performance test. Over there, we have been able to see the Google Pixel 4 running on Android R, which in fact, is Android 11. The score obtained is 712 points for a single core and 2181 for multicore.

Of course, this type of image must be taken with caution. Although it can be seen on the Geekbench page, there is always the possibility that it is manipulated. Fortunately, it does not seem to be the case for this. What we are sure of is that Google is already developing the new Android version. It will arrive this year to our mobile devices as long as it is less than two years old.

Android 11 Features on Pixel 4

Regarding the news about what Android 11 has to offer, there is not much information. Yet, some futuristic features have slipped. One of them is the programmable dark mode. Therefore, it better suits our needs at all times. This would continue and improve what is undoubtedly the most prominent feature we have known in Android 10.

Other functions such as Live Caption will also have significant improvements in its operation, as well as the evolution of Project Treble, which will make it easier to make system updates even easier and even faster for most manufacturers. Android 11 will most likely launch in the Google I/O. This event usually happens every May.

Although we usually relate performance to hardware, the reality is that software plays a very important role in this section. Therefore, Google is committed to making Android 11 offers better performance on smartphones, regardless of what type of hardware carry.

Part of these improvements will make the operation of the apps much faster. We will see more features of this type in Android 11. Although it may not be released for millions of Android phones initially, we are sure that they will be available on more models shortly thereafter.

Finally, we can not deny that one of the weak points of Android is the quality of the applications. There are millions of apps very well worked, and with a great performance, but there are millions that are not.

For this reason, Google has announced something called Jetpack Compose for the upcoming Android version. This feature makes improve new and existing application quality both visually and in its operation.

The company will continue to follow the Material Design design lines. At the same time, it will also give you tools to optimize your smartphone functionality such as Camera X, a Google API that promises to solve the big problem between Android and Instagram today.

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