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KleptoCats 2 Review – Cute Cat Game



KleptoCats 2 Review

HyperBeard is a video game studio that manages to stand out in the mobile field with KleptoCats. A title game that its own developers do not classify it as a game. Now, four years after the study was created, the picture is totally different from the initial one.

KleptoCats 2 is a game for Android and iOS, where you have to take care of super cute cats! But they have a little problem: they love to steal things!

The game is divided into rooms, which are decorated with the objects that cats bring. For that, you have to take care of them, giving them food, bath, or affection. They can bring money, objects, or gems (this must be a legend).

There are other ways to earn money: there are mini-games and a golden cat that can appear in any room (you have to pay attention because sometimes, it is not very visible).

With the money, you can buy items at the boutique to make your kitten look better or buy gems to buy new cats or unlock other rooms. In case you don’t have the patience to wait to finish the previous room, you can unlock the new one for free.

An idea that was born in one day

The idea began with something as basic as a little cat. Each one of them made a different sound. The goal was to make music by pressing the different characters. That was the spark to start everything.

Originally, the cats are very realistic. They are picking up hairballs, trash, or dead animals. However, they thought it could be more attractive if it “found” absurd elements like an armchair.

For the artistic aspect, it has a simple design to offer more content. The best option was to look for cute cats on the internet, although over the weeks, it became clear that no matter how beautiful they are, they have their dark side.

One of its keys was to make a title that was not played, when we sent our cat, we could not do anything, just leave. Then, people continued their life. When they returned, they already had a surprise. It was a simple and casual concept that managed to hook many people, reaching the most downloaded apps in the AppStore.

They recognize that the first game was somewhat improvised, working on the fly. However, thanks to the comments of its users, they were improving. They finally add all their learning for a better experience in its sequel.

Kleptocats Game

Tenderness is respected

For KleptoCats 2, they decided to improve the kittens with new animations and the possibility of interacting with different objects, offering greater exploration.

The characters also evolve. They no longer look the same with changes in colors. Instead, they can change their expression, making them more vivid.

“Mements” is a new system in which cats will bring us pieces of the puzzle from a pool when assembling it the story of that cat will be known. It is a way to counter the descriptions that appeared in the first game, looking for more interaction.

Unlike the first game, they want the sequel to anticipate success and offer their fans something bigger, an opportunity for everyone to know that the world they have created over the years.

Currently, the studio is working with Platypus Animation in a mini animated series with the characters of the game. The famous company Funko also showed interest in the game, creating some stuffed animals based on the kittens of the title.

Fundamental game scene

Touching on the cat does not send it outward to take something for you. That could devour a few moments or maybe a couple of minutes that rely on the mission of problems. In any case, it will make sense of some cunning techniques to speed up the time in our KleptoCats 2 control.

Nowadays, you should look for an approach to escape from this place with bolts and try to see something very useful. That is the point you should continue to deal with your cat and send him to arbitrary missions and, in the long run, the achievement.

Giving too many missions to the cats will essentially demolish your connection with them. You need to know when to take a step back so that you are happy again and according to your position. This is the specialty of great players, and you need to keep a wonder like this in the brain.

How to treat your cats?

Your cats will be abhorred and appreciate you mainly depends on how they are treated up. Once they are not happy with you, you should give them a great gift that would completely change the circumstance.

The happier your cat is, the more likely it is to get some coins and new items. There is also an info album at the top of the screen. There you will find all the information about your cat and its prey.

Treating your cat with sympathy will give you a way out of this screwed individual. Then, you need to ‘open’ new cats and add them to the list of cats. They are extraordinary and unique. You can give them different names and continue planting your cat on missions.

Some cats are brighter than the others are. Therefore, it just took a few minutes to complete the mission, and others would take all day trying and trying.

Move freely through the House ‘Rooms.

There are four different rooms in the beginning. As they moved, there will be more rooms with greater difficulties as you are the one who must fill each side of it.

Tuning the rooms is not difficult. However, it is a fresh component that we have delighted in the observation that in the detour with this lack of effort. Besides, the rooms are accompanying an arrangement of missions too. However, the immense thing is that you can adjust the missions relying on their inclination, and all of them are accessible to play.

Accelerating the mission procedure should be possible by passing additional coins or viewing videos. So, do you like to play this game? We would like to know in the comment below!

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