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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Be Cheaper and More Powerful Than Motorola Razr



Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Be Cheaper and More Powerful Than Motorola Razr

Samsung will repeat the Galaxy Fold folding smartphone experiment with a new vertical format, the Galaxy Z Flip. It is expected to be presented in mid-February along with the new Galaxy S20.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,980 – a price beyond the reach of almost every pocket for the first folding phone available worldwide. But in 2020, this could change, at least according to the rumors that come from South Korea about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which could cost less than half of the current price.

Published by the South Korean news page iNews24, the Galaxy Z Flip (also called Galaxy Fold 2 or Galaxy Bloom, its code name) will be available for a price of between one and 1.5 million won. In exchange, from about $ 860 to $ 1,290. If the actual price is close to the first price, it would cost considerably less than half of the current price, something that seems quite difficult.

How It Looks

The Galaxy Z Flip is committed to a vertical fold format similar to the Motorola RAZR. More aesthetically attractive and much more compact once closed.

However, it also has certain limitations when using such an elongated format and with such a different ergonomics. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has consistency in design and style but based on the folding screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Features

The new screen covering is noteworthy. It is based on ultra-thin glass and the improved hinge that prevents the fold vertex from being marked.

The screen is also much smaller than the Galaxy Fold, which transforms into a tablet and has an additional large OLED screen outside. Most likely, the Galaxy Z Flip has a screen like the Motorola Razr  – a flexible panel the size of a normal cell phone, maybe 6.4 or 6.7 inches.

The processor will also be cheaper. The Galaxy Fold came out last year with a Snapdragon 855, which was the most somewhat of the range for Qualcomm. It is rumored that the Galaxy Z Flip will also have the same 855 processor – but now this CPU is not the most advanced available.

The most advanced and expensive processor model is the 865, which Samsung will use in the Galaxy S20. The 855 is now noticeably cheaper than in 2019, so the price of the Galaxy Z Flip will reflect that reduction.

The Flip may seem like a desperate response to the good reception of the Motorola RAZR and, at the same time, a redemption of the controversial Galaxy Fold. In any case, it represents Samsung’s interest in continuing to lead the mobile market with unique innovations. Remember that for now, despite all the promises of the competition, only Samsung takes the lead on Android mobile phones market.

Probably, foldable smartphones still have too many problems for the common user. But it certainly represents a way forward for the mobiles of the future.

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