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Lenovo Developing Another Standalone VR Headset



Lenovo Developing Another Standalone VR Headset

VR headsets will certainly get some major improvements this year with many manufacturers pitching for improved designs and better user experience. Plus, companies that are yet to design VR or AR headsets are beginning to explore their options. One such manufacturer is Lenovo, it seems like the company is planning to launch another VR headset.

A new filing for Lenovo VR3030S has surfaced online which shows it as an upcoming VR headset. The standalone VR headset could mean something like the Lenovo Mirage Solo that was launched back in 2018 or inspired by ones like the Oculus Quest. The standalone tag means the devices don’t require the user to plug it to a smartphone or a PC. It comes with a processor, making them standalone devices.

But the question remains on how it will be different this time. The older Lenovo Mirage Solo used the Google Daydream VR platform which is defunct now. The device is hardly remembered today though the company did sign a deal with Disney to built simple two-button sticks for the second generation of Mirage AR headset.

We still have no idea on which platform the Lenovo VR3030S will run on. Speculations range from Valve’s Stream VR to Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality. Facebook’s Oculus is also a possibility but nothing is confirmed right now. The FCC filings don’t offer much regarding the upcoming standalone VR headset. It could also be possible that the company submits FC certification documents for a new set of VR controllers.

Speaking of Lenovo’s bets in virtual reality, it is a little known fact that the Chinese electronics company was behind the Oculus Rift S headset. There is also a licensing between Sony and Lenovo, which is how the Oculus headset and the Playstation VR can have the same headband.

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