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Popular ‘Fortnite’ Player Ninja Gets His Own Skin



Popular ‘Fortnite’ Player Ninja Gets His Own Skin

Popular Fortnite player Ninja has received his own skin in the popular video game.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the most popular Fortnite gamers and after two-and-a-half years of playing the battle royale video game, has been made into a Fortnite skin available between January 16th and 19th.

There are four variations of the skin and Fortnite publisher Epic Games has added a pair of katanas. Although the skin shows Ninja’s face, players can gain special masks which will make the character look more like Ninja’s official logo and the headband on the character will grow in matches as players get more eliminations.

Ninja had been hyping the announcement since Monday, teasing that he had a “massive” surprise for his fans before revealing the news in a stream this morning (January 15th).

Speaking to his viewers in the stream, Ninja shouted: “It happened. It’s official, we finally got a Ninja skin. In the game. In Fortnite. We did it.” He continued, “It’s in the game and I get to show it to you guys a day early, 24 hours before it launches.”

After unveiling the skin in the game, Ninja shared the news on Twitter by posting an image of the skin alongside the text: “I’ve dreamt of having a skin in Fortnite since I started playing the game. Today, my dream becomes reality.”

The brand new skin is the first of several in Epic Games’ Icon Series which brings real-world celebrities and gamers into the popular game.

Epic Games’ Icon Series

Epic Games announced the Icon Series in a post on its official website, revealing that it has teamed up with several top creators to implement them into Fortnite.

The statement from Epic Games reads: “Gaming, music, film, and fashion collide in Fortnite in the Icon Series. The Icon Series brings the artistic vision, personality and attitude of top creators to Fortnite, building on previous collaborations with Marshmello and Major Lazer.”

“First up is Ninja. Visit the item shop starting January 16 at 7:00PM ET to get the Ninja Outfit, Ninja’s Edge Back Bling, Ninja Style Emote and Dual Katanas Pickaxe. Watch Ninja’s stream for a sneak peek at the outfit in action.”

Epic Games then touched on future collaborations, saying: “Stay tuned for future Icon Series collaborations, including Loserfruit, TheGrefg and more creators from games, music and entertainment.”

Neither Epic Games nor Ninja has stated how much the Ninja skin will cost but it’s thought that the skin may cost between $10 and $20, the typical cost of a Fortnite skin.

The game made headlines last year when it launched its Chapter 2 update which included an all-new island as well as water-based gameplay such as swimming and fishing. The update also included new cosmetics and more. 

However, fans were left disappointed with the game developer announced a two-month extension to the update which is now expected to run through to February 2020.

Photo Credit: Ninja’s Twitter

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