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Google Play Officially Stops Notifications of Updated Apps



Google Play Officially Stops Notifications of Updated Apps Small

Being connected on a smartphone at all times means not only having access to a huge amount of services, apps, and games but also knowing the updates instantly. For that, we have the always welcome notifications, an element that can also be a horror depending on what occasions. Given the excess of ads that jump on most phones, are they all really useful? Google thinks some don’t.

Google Play Store is not an application that exceeds notifications. However, it gives us notification in several circumstances. For example, when there are several apps to update when an app is available in which we previously registered, or if we run out of mobile space.

Google also notifies the apps that had just been updated automatically. Well, that will not happen again.

Last December, people do not assume that it is an effort to eliminate superfluous notifications. If we update the apps manually, we don’t need to know when the process ends. Also, if you have automatic updates, the most comfortable thing is that all tasks are performed silently to disturb as little as possible.

Although there will be users who prefer to be aware of everything that happens on his phone, a wish that Google has slightly truncated. Though we once assumed that it was a problem with the ads, it has not been the case. The company itself has confirmed that it eliminated the app update notifications as a new feature.

According to Android Police, these were Google’s words about notifications:

“The absence of notifications in Google Play for updated applications is a feature, not a mistake.”

The Challenges on End Users

One of the problems with this matter is discussed in Android Police. So, when we are updating an application, the progress appears in the notification area. However, once it is completed, that notification does not remain permanent.

Google Play Officially Stops Notifications of Updated Apps
Google Play Officially Stops Notifications of Updated Apps.
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Nor are there notices that there are pending applications to update, something that I had missed in recent days, and now I see that it is widespread. To update the apps, we will have to go to the My Apps section of the Play Store.

This is what several users report in different forums and websites, and even we have seen one of the problems for this.

Subtle Notifications

Another problem is that the Play Store, by default, assigns low priority notifications to app updates. It happens only on mobile phones with Android 10.

To change this, we must go to the notifications section of our mobile. In the area of ​​finished downloads or pending downloads, change the subtle notifications for normal ones. In this way, we will see an icon at the top when something is pending, not necessarily having to slide the notification bar down.

Now, we will see if Google modifies any of these parameters to make the experience more consistent for all users. Nevertheless, if we are facing something temporary, Google will have to learn to deal with it for several months.

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