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Dell Alienware Concept UFO Review



Alienware UFO Concept Review

Gaming has been a trend for a very long time. People have been gaming on different types of devices. Before the technology era took over, people used to play board games such as Chess or Ludo. Other than board games children would play around with each other. Then there are card games too like Poker and Uno.

Well with the technology era introduce. All of these games became digitized. Now you can play almost all board and card games son your mobile or computer. That’s how greatly technology has impacted the way we play games. As new technology is introduced the hardware components of the gaming rig get better and better.

Now a day’s people play game son consoles like Xbox or PS4 and on PC’s or Laptops. The iteration each year just gives us more efficient and faster hardware such as CPUs and GPUs. The way we play games is still the same. You have to sit on your desk to play games on a gaming PC. Similarly, you can carry your gaming laptop but it still is quite heavy. You still need to sit on a desk to play games on a laptop.

You thought that playing games would always be the same? You are greatly mistaken. Dell just launched their small and compact gaming device at CES 2020. More on the device below.

Intro Alienware Concept UFO

This concept from DELL is going to shake the gaming industry entirely. The UFO is a small handheld gaming PC. Yup, you read that right. It’s a gaming PC in your hands. Literally in your hands! The device is very small and resembles the footprint of the earlier PSP from Sony. It’s a direct competitor to the Nintendo Switch.

“Our goal is to create a gaming PC worthy of the Alienware brand, in a handheld form factor that gamers could use to play their favorite AAA PC titles, wherever they are,” the company stated in a blog post. 

Looking at the direction that Dell is heading towards, we can say that they want to promote handheld gaming and want to be the pioneers in it. They want to lead the way for other manufacturers.

Design & Build

The UFO has four basic components. The main body, which comprises of an 8” screen with 1200p display resolution, the battery, all the processing, and graphics hardware. The UFO house two USB-C ports. One is on the top and the other is on the bottom. Both can be used either to charge the device or to connect to an external video source. 

The device weighs about 2 pounds which is a bit heavy. For a device that you’re be going to hold in your hands, it’s quite hefty. The size is large too. It will be hard carrying it around with you in your pockets due to its large size. With such powerful hardware, of course, it’s going to be heavy.

You can also connect a mouse and keyboard through the USB-C ports as it runs on Windows 10. Play your games with the controller or keyboard + mouse through the USB-C port.

It’s got two detachable controllers that are attached to the sides. They are larger in size as compared to Nintendo switches handles. The grips of the UFO are more comfortable and natural than the Nintendo Switches. Each handle houses one joystick. The left houses analog button while the right handle houses ‘X’, ’Y’, ’A’ and ‘B’ buttons.  What’s a gaming machine without RGB?

Well the Alienware UFO delivers on that criteria too. The alien head logo on the backlights up along with the two joysticks on each controller. The lighting elements around the joysticks light up. They may be changed using some Alienware software but that is still unclear.


To play the latest AAA titles you’ll be needing very fast hardware. You’ll require the latest hardware. Thee hardware that going to be used in the UFO is not known yet. Dell did not disclose this information. We expect it will be running on integrated Intel graphics. The graphics processing unit is also unclear at this point. That’s just our view, we’ll have to wait to find out.

The CPU it may be using is some mobile CPU like a Ryzen 4000 series. That’s just our speculation and not official. Whatever the CPU it may be, it’s got to be very powerful to run the latest AAA titles at smooth frames.

The Alienware UFO can turn into a fully functioning PC instantly. You simply have to connect it to the external video source via the USB-C cable. Just connect it and you’ve got yourself your very own compact PC.

Price & Availability

The UFO from Alienware is just a concept as of now. The product itself is a prototype and we can’t be sure that Dell will be turning it into a product. We expect the release in about 2021. It may be released earlier or late. 

With so much sophisticated hardware packed into such a small form factor, expect a big price tag from the UFO. We expect it to be around the $1000 mark. To know the exact price you’ll have to wait until its release.


Dell is leading the gaming industry towards the direction of small and compact gaming machines that you can carry with you. They are setting the standard and hopefully, other companies will follow.

Early Verdict

The UFO was one of the most interesting things at CES 2020. We’ll have to wait and see when Dell will be delivering the product and what its price will be. Only the future can tell if this concept is made a real product and whether consumers will like it or not. We only hope it pushes other companies to move in the same direction.

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